Sweet relief calms me down
Makes me drown lost and found
Neighbours complain sheets are stained
Hotel shower the best around
Spacing from Paris to new york
Silver sunglasses silver phone
Connect us to someone who doesn't know
About these feelings we can't control
People they want us to fall down
But we won't ever touch the ground
We're perfectly balanced we'll float around
'Til no one is near do you hear this sound
Spacing from Paris to new york
Silver sunglasses silver phone
Connect us to someone who doesn't know
About these feelings we can't control
This strange feeling captures us it generates this huge fuzz
I miss you all the time I must face I miss your touch and your embrace

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Renaissance Affair Lyrics as written by Alex Callier

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Renaissance Affair song meanings
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    General Comment

    I first heard this song for the VW "Vapor" commercial. They were selling "vapor" colored cars for a brief period of time. Its simply amazing how beautifully the atmosphere of song fit what they were trying to convey in the commercial. Made me want to buy the car. And, got me hooked on Hooverphonic. This is true atmospheric music. Appeals to more than one senses. Gives me the chills.

    Sleepon April 14, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    It sounds like a summer romance.

    phatcaton March 04, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    Seeing as I heard the band named the albun (Blue Wonder Power Milk) because the words sounded cool together, and because they are Belgian and might not know much English, I often think their songs don't mean much of anything and are just words put together to sound cool. I love their music, but as much as I try to get the "hidden meaning" in their songs, I just think they often put words together for their sound...which is okay.

    ...Either that or they're extremely intelligent and use amazing, high-level metaphors....


    AlairaKasimeron February 07, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    this song is the only song that ever mattered to a pseudorelationship i was in. this was that relationship. it still is. even though he's not there...

    i miss you all the time i must face i miss your touch and your embrace.

    i cry when i hear this song, not only because it's what we once were, but because it is so stunning. i remember listening to it the first time on the mix cd it was on. it came right after woven's "who knows" and right before sigur rós' "von". and it is just so.

    i'm sorry. i babble. but i just can't get past it.

    i miss you all the time i must face. i miss your touch and your embrace.

    and i can't let go of it because it doesn't make any sense. sorry, i have issues.

    note: people should not be allowed to drink and post on here. ;)

    fromawireon April 06, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    What a great song! I also first heard this in the VW Bug "Vapor" commercial and never realized it was a Hooverphonic song until I heard it on the Blue Wonder Power Milk CD some time later.

    This song always reminds me of the late 1990's, at the height of the dot.com frenzy, and towards the end of the last time when anything would ever be "normal" in this country (prior to 9-11).

    I think this song is about emotionally immature adults in a fast paced world trying to carry on a relationship that isn't healthy for either of them and which, no matter how "perfect" things are when they are together, you know it is not going to last.

    The arrangements, sound design, and production on this song are some of the best you will find in modern music anywhere.

    JG in SBon September 02, 2005   Link
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    My Interpretation

    The song to me seems like a love affair as well.

    The line "Spacing from Paring to New York" indicates to me that the trip itself is not important (sight seeing, touring,etc) but rather the location is purely immaterial yet required for the love affair. Spacing in this context to mean that one just sits there kinda staring forward almost in a daze.

    "Neighbors complain, sheets are stained" (loud love making at the hotel)

    "People they want us to fall down" "But we won't ever tough the ground, we're perfectly balanced we'll float around" "'Til no one is near do you hear this sound"

    The significant other back home who suspects an affair wants the plane to crash but it's always landing just fine and never even close to crashing. This is mentioned slightly sarcastically by exaggerating how much the plane isn't crashing which indicates the person doing this love affair really doesn't care what the other person thinks and they are intentionally doing the opposite as hard as they can almost in rebellion.

    "Silver sunglasses silver phone Connect us to someone who doesn't know these feelings we can't control"

    The sun glasses were purchased by the person back home and it reminds them of the person they are cheating on, plus the phone connects them to the person who doesn't understand that this love affair isn't personal as much as a process that has to happen, they are in love with this other person and cannot control their feelings.

    "I miss you all the time I must face I miss your touch and your embrace"

    This tells me the song is about the person who they really long for (the affair partner, not the person upset back home) and confirms the "We" in this songs context is the two lovers meeting up as well.

    The hotel shower being the best around also hints that perhaps this is a super elegant hotel in New York and maybe this person is also living a fantasy financially. Perhaps the lover back home is broke but this exciting affair partner in New York is rich and pampering which also makes the situation seem more exciting.

    acidtonicon March 01, 2015   Link
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    General Comment

    The singer's voice on this track is amazing.

    I've never really looked at the words before, so this is just a first impression, but it seems to me that it has something to do with a crazy relationship that these two people just rushed into...

    "Sweet relief calms me down Makes me drown "

    Based on the later 'sheets are stained' reference, it seems pretty obvious to me what this is about. Unless the 'sheets are stained' just means they're living a careless life and not taking care of things they need to...hmmmm....

    although the 'hotel shower' reference once again leads me to that subject which shall not be named ;)

    "Silver phone Connect us to someone Who doesn't know About these feelings we can't control"

    This just reminds me of the fact that when you're in a sexual relationship with someone...when you're around other people (parents, friends, etc) you keep that part of yourself hidden...we don't like to acknowledge that part of ourselves when others are around

    I think the rest of the parts of the song have to do with the idea that their relationship is invincible...a naive feeling that I think occurs all too often.

    Great song!


    AlairaKasimeron January 14, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    "Silver sunglasses Silver phone Connect us to someone Who doesn't know About these feelings we can't control"...

    From this verse I would almost have to surmise this is about an affair that took place between two people who were otherwise involved in other serious relationships or married to other people, or in some other way forbidden. It is, however, hauntingly beautiful, seductive, and very addictive. I find myself listening to this song over and over and over and...well, you get the picture!

    funsizeon October 30, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    if you listen at the end when she finishs sing...you can hear her crying. its just heart breaking

    goalie271990on July 21, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    I agree with some comments on here. It's a song about a love affair between 2 people who both are married or are in other serious relationships, they live away from each other, occasionally ring up each other (from Paris to New York), meet somewhere in hotels. They miss each other when they are away from each other and people who want them to fall down are the ones who maybe see how strong and breathtaking their relationship is and envy it.

    Child of Venuson August 06, 2008   Link

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