"Time" as written by Christopher John Thorn, Thomas Rogers Stevens, Brad Smith, Shannon Hoon and Glen Graham....
Said all these people they won't leave me alone
And we need, a little time to ourselves
And half the reasons why
I'm sketchin' all the time
The result of a life in this hell
But oh well, I think it's time

My faith is falling like the leaves from a tree
The pockets both take it away
The sun warms my body as I'm
Sittin' on a swing watching
Columbus clouds bring in the rain
Oh well I think it's time
It's time to go

My mind is playing tricks on me all the time
To let you know that I am real
And all the worries you build
Up inside your soul
The ones that make your world stand still
Mean you can feel, that it's time to go..
Are you fed up, Are you fed up with me?
Do you think you could do better?
Do you think that I know better?
Do they think that they know better?

Five fed up faces with the itch to kill a king
Blood red sunrise, and a breath to air that's clean
I drink from the faucet
From the porch I take a pee
I look at you through the bushes
Where you can't see me

I laugh and slip into another state of mind
To let you know that I am real
And all the worries you build up inside your soul
The ones that make your world stand still
Means you can feel, that it's time to go

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"Time" as written by Alex Stroud J.r. Windsor

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    General CommentVerse 1: All he wants is to be left alone, he keeps saying it, but no one is getting it.
    Verse 2: He's finally got some quiet time alone, but "the clouds bring in the rain" and something disrupts him.
    Verse 3: There is so much pressure on him put on by other people who look up to him, and he doesn't understand why he'd know anything different or more enlightening than them.
    Verse 5: Drugs help him escape the pressure.
    Lithium94on July 04, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of the more daring songs on the first album. It is a song that sounds like it should be on the second album...and the lyrics are more like those of the second album.
    Shannon said "Columbus clouds" instead of "Cumulus Clouds" he does this quite a bit on all of the albums..using symbolism and nonsense to keep the meter of the song, or to add extra meaning. Shakespeare did this very well too.
    By saying columbus he gives the impression that those rain clouds are coming into a previously blue sky. They were the pioneering clouds in a formerly cloudless day kind of a thing...but still lets you know that they are cumulus clouds.
    In "Mouthful of Cavities" he says: One of these days this will die/ so will me and so will you"
    Listen to the song and realize that "so will me" is nonsense, gibberish, or at least bad grammar, yet it fits so well into the song, not only in the lyrics but in the meter. Listen to Blind Melon with this in mind and I think you will be able to enjoy them on a whole new level!

    Five fed up faces with an itch to kill a king....that in itself is a great line!
    Bellyfull of Swanson January 14, 2005   Link
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    General Comment"Sittin' on a swing watching, Columbus clouds bring in the rain." Glen Graham is from Columbus, MS, that's what the line is in reference to. I live near Columbus and watching the rain clouds roll in is about all there is to do sometimes. Most of this song was written while they were visiting Mississippi.
    MELONcholyon August 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentPeople trying to tell you what to do and influence you when you just want to continue being yourself, it get's you irritated and you just want to get away from people like that and be with yourself. You're losing faith in society, and want to leave your location and the people that surround you or maybe even this world in general as you've had enough and it's "time to go". If you give in your inner thoughts will remind you that you're not being honest with yourself and when you let things or people get to you and your ideals it can paralyze your thoughts and advancement in life. Are these people right? Are you? Who's right? Who do you listen to? Who cares and take some drugs and get away from this procrastination.
    AbsentMindedon June 23, 2010   Link

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