You're taking up lots of space
Your shit is everywhere
Your breath is all up in my face
Your hands are swarming in the air
You're the first one out of the car and then
You're the loudest one in the bar
Tell me is there something wrong girlfriend?
What's with this new version of who you are?

She lifts her chin and squints at me
To assess what I think I know
She says my heart has some dangerous neighborhoods
So beware where you try to go
And they say that the truth will set you free
But then so will a lie
It depends if you're trying to get to the promised land
Or you're just trying to get by

What is a camera but a box of light?
What is a guitar but a box of sound?
You think I don't understand
But I think I might
What it is to harness the emptiness
And just ride it around
And maybe your chest is an empty shell
With ribs of spiraling coral
Where a perfect pearl of sadness resides
But if you ever need an ear
I could just come and press it there
And listen to the sound of the ocean inside

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Promised Land Lyrics as written by Ani Difranco


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    This is probably one of my favourite songs off "evolve". I love the lines "and they say that the truth will set you free/ but then again, so will a lie/ it depends if youre trying to get to the promised land/ or if youre just trying to get by"

    thespeedordarkon May 28, 2006   Link
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    I love this song so much. Ani's voice is strong, the music fits the lyrics perfectly, everything is in its place.

    I think it's about sadness so overwhelming it seems you have to fake or fool yourself to survive. And when you fake happiness, you often look too happy - too loud, too noisy, too taking-up-space. Just because it doesn't seem possible to get over the 'ocean', and you don't want to hurt the people around you by talking.

    Not everybody is ready to go the promised land. Some of us are trying to get to the next day. :)

    nesslaon May 11, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    I thinks she's having a conversation with herself here.

    mickzzzzzzon October 24, 2008   Link

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