They played something
They made something
Brand new a baby blue machine
Brass tacks, duct tape
For the great escape
Packed in there like sardines
Back and forth
East, south, west, north
Shred the atlas burn the map
Often lost and paths criss-crossed
Wake me up I need a nap
They did something
Which meant something
And that got them some attention
Eyes wide
A roller coaster ride
Great pride in this invention
I think they're selling Snake oil
At the dog and pony show
In the garden gee
Would you pardon me
And by the way how does it grow
The explanation's unexplainable
Holding onto something
Once dreamt unattainable
The course was never charted
So don't look into the books
The secret's not the recipe
It's got to be the cooks
They made something
They played something
Blood, sweat, and elbow grease
If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen
Get out it will increase
Last train to where?
Hey get out of here
Nothing's measured and nothing's weighed
A dash of honesty in the recipe
That's the first mistake you've made
1, 2 what's in the stew
3, 4 no one's really sure
5, 6 what's in the mix
7, 8 this stuff tastes

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    General CommentThis is an awesome song, and me being a cook and all...
    It really had me thinking as to what this was about, but i eventually did find out from Dicky (the singer/lyricist) himself. The BossToneS were once described as a 'stew of people, differant guys with differant backgrounds all chucked together in a pot, and coming out as a band. The 'north east south west north etc etc" bit is about constantly touring (the bosstones are a full time professional band) And the best part of the song is about the whingers in the music industry, who hate gigging and so forth, which is a major gripe the band has with other groups out there; "If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, get out it will increase" Means: STOP WHINGING !
    Louis Burdetton April 25, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is about ska-core...and/or the Bosstones themselves.

    The term "ska-core" was coined in reference to the Bosstones style/sound. They didn't set out to create a genre or sub-genre. The fans and music business folk referred to the Bosstones sound as "ska-core" because they blended ska music with hardcore (punk, metal, thrash).

    So it's about their sound...

    You could also say it's about the band itself. They're known for touring and for their great live shows.

    "its not the recipe it's gotta be the cooks"

    and as Louis mentioned, no one was touring like the Bosstones, and I'd add that they were known for their live shows. Others can't compete. So "if you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, get out! It will increase!"
    musicsuperhero1on August 22, 2022   Link

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