"High Life" as written by Daniel John Vickrey, Ben Mize, Adam Duritz, Charles Gillingham, David Bryson and Matthew Malley....
All my friends got flowers in their eyes
But I got none this season
All of last years blooms have gone and died
Time doesn't give a reason
Hey baby, do you ask yourself sometimes
What you need to be forgiven?
Everything that you've ever done wrong
Is the reason that I'm driven
Straight to you

Waiting here for you
Wanting to tell you
How I get my ends and my beginnings mixed up too
Just the way you do
Thought if I told you
You might want to stay for just another day or two

Waiting for the trains that just never come
Beginning to believe in
the disappearing nature of the people we have been
We have begun to change into the worst kind of people
So unkind
Oh apologies, no apologies, this apology
Doesn't describe the way it feels to feel for you

Waiting here for you
Wanting to tell you
How I find myself slowly disappearing too
Just the way you do
Thought if I told you
You might want to help me to remain with you

I just wanna stay for a little while
I wanna stay for a little while

There's a night life falling down on me
I just feel like a change
Beneath the sun in the summer,
a sea of flowers won't bloom without the rain
But oh, this desert life, this high life
Here at the dying end of the day
I wasn't made for this scene baby
But I was made in this scene
And baby it's just my way
I don't wanna go home alone, I wanna come on home to you

Waiting here for you
Wanting to tell you
How I line my sky with all the silver I can use
Just the way you do
Thought if I told you
You might want to stay for just another day or two

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"High Life" as written by Ben G Mize Adam Fredric Duritz

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    General Commenti love this song because it sounds like no other cc song. i think its about staying the same while everyone around you changes. or maybe just not realizing that you're changing. this song was my anthem my first year of college. lyrics aside - its just an amazing song musically.
    ltjpezgirlon April 20, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is such a unique "Crows" song. The rise and fall of the violins is so beautiful. This is definately one of my favorites. As always the lyrics are simply fantastic.
    Sum1LsesChpstckon April 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI also think that it is about change and feeling alone waiting for someone to connect with.
    The title of this album 'This Desert Life' is mentioned in the song and when you think about it, most of the songs on this album are about loneliness which sometimes feels like being in the desert. I think these lyrics are about feeling yourself disappearing along with any hope of finding the person you need.
    Pechorinon February 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentDefinitely one of my favorite CC songs. I agree with the others, mainly, about how he seems to be stuck, unchanging, while everything and everyone around him continues to change, and to bloom. He's stuck watching them all grow into their lives. I absolutely love the parts where he's trying desperately to show someone how he's just like them, and how they should stay because of it.
    The Rocket Summer's cover of it is amazing, too. Really emotional.
    sammmmanthajon February 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is also one of my favorite CC songs, but I think it has a different meaning. I think it's about Adam not wanting to be alone, searching for that one person that can make him happy. But at the same time he's afraid to try. The ffirst verse kind of shows you that he's lonely. "All my friends got flowers in their eyes, but I got none this season." Basically all his friends got new girlfriends, but he's still alone. The chorus goes, "Waiting here for you, I'm wanting to tell you how I get my ends and my beginnings mixed up too just the way you do. I thought if I told you, you might want to stay for just another day or two." I think he's got this close friend that he wants to be with, but she doesn't want to.
    Emo_ezraliteon May 28, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is my secret cc song... its not one of their most famous, but it is probably my favorite song of all time. mainly for the memories.
    eastcoasteron May 06, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI'm torn on this. Evidently, from reading here for a few days, I am completely off on CC songs...but I agree that it's about a relationship where one of the people is more attached than the other, i.e. "I tell you things to make you stay"

    However, the 3rd verse throws me off "we have turned into the worse kind of people...so unkind" and then the apology about the feelings for this person. (Cheating?? An Affair?? What????)

    Don't know. I'm stumped. But I love love love how he sings that line "Oh apologies, no apologies, this apology doesn't describe the way it feels to feel for you" It just kills me.
    FeistyIrishGirlon May 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI agree with both the first and second comments – it’s about how everything changes, everybody moves on, and only he is stuck. And he knows, if he just finds that one person, that’s waiting there for someone like him, it’ll save him.
    I think the “so unkind” is not as dramatic as cheating or an actual thing that makes them evil, but more the general reflection of themselves, as older, less naïve people.

    This is my favorite crows song, and until reading the comments, it hadn’t even crossed my mind that it is so untypical for the crows, but now I see what you guys mean – it’s really a different kind of song. Duritz is one of the best lyricists there are out there.
    june99on October 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentJust realized Bryce covered this one. I'll get this one next. :]]]]
    deep in staticon October 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentUsed to sit on the roof of my house on summer nights and listen to this song. I discovered Counting Crows the summer between sophomore and junior year of high school. Now I'm in college and miss those days like none other. This song means so much to me..
    Ryan Petermanon November 08, 2007   Link

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