In my hour of need
Heh, no, you're not there
And though I reached out for you
Wouldn't lend a hand
Through the darkest hour
Your grace did not shine on me
Feels so cold, very cold
No one cares for me

Did you ever think I'd get lonely?
Did you ever think that I needed love?
Did you ever think to stop thinking
You're the only one that I'm thinking of
You'll never know how hard I tried
To find my space and satisfy you too

Things will be better
When I'm dead and gone
Don't try to understand
Knowing you, I'm probably wrong

But, oh, how I lived my life for you
Still you'd turn away
Now, as I die for you
My flesh still crawls as I breathe your name
All these years, I thought I was wrong
Now I know it was you
Raise your head, raise your face, your eyes
Tell me who you think you are

I walk, I walk alone
To the promised land
There's a better place for me
But it's far, far away
Everlasting life for me
In a perfect world
But I got to die first
Please, God, send me on my way

Time has a way of taking time
Loneliness is not only felt by fools
Alone, I call to ease the pain
Yearning to be held by you, alone
So alone, I'm lost
Consumed by the pain
The pain, the pain, the pain
Won't you hold me again?
You just laughed, ha, ha, you bitch
My whole life is work built on the past
The time has come when all things shall pass
This good thing passed away

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In My Darkest Hour Lyrics as written by Dave Mustaine David Ellefson

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In My Darkest Hour song meanings
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    General Comment

    My observation: Musicians generally prefer Megadeth over metallica anyday.

    Common man/artists prefer metallica.

    When i say artists and not musicians, thats because an artist is good at following what other people make and covering it. A musician is the one who makes songs that inspires artists to follow.

    understanding the intensity, creativity and dedication Mustaine has put into Megadeth and the amazing music he has given the entire world, he has opened our horizon on thrash metal and that is nothing metallica can do. Dont get me wrong, metallica did make a few good songs.

    But remember. The songs that made metallica what they are were initially made by Dave Mustaine too. And what came after Mustaine wasnt even made by Hetfield, Ulrich or Kirk if i must say.

    Which is why when you look at metal guitarist reviews, generally dave mustaine takes it hands down.

    As for Lars....ha, all megadeth drummers were better than him.

    Metalliston November 21, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    Metallica and Megadeth were equals back in the day, but now Megadeth is by far the better band.

    humanflameon November 19, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    "This song was written the day that I found out that Cliff Burton had died. It's a very moving song for me because it really expresses a lot of the emotion that I was going through. I was really sad and I think the music kind of carries that kind of feeling with it. A lot of people have written our fan club and said, 'Dave, I have nothing really to live for, life sucks, and then you die, ' and that 'this song's given me something to look forward to and I understand now and I see someone like you that also goes through these problems, ' and let's face it, life sucks. But there's certain things that can get you through and when I find out that people were turned on by this music and it gives them hope to carry on and stuff like that, it makes me feel good. Anyway, I hope this song works for you."

    "Maria Ferraro, a true metal legend aptly named 'metal Maria' worked for Megaforce records. She called me the day that Cliff had died or somewhere close to it. No one else from Metallica or their management did. I went straight to the dope man, got some shit and starting singing and crying and writing this song. Although the lyrics have nothing to do with him, his untimely passing gave me this melody that lives in the hearts of metal heads around the world."

    So, while inspired by Cliff, it really has absolutely nothing to do with him. It doesn't have any special meaning to Mustaine, but is just about someone that wasn't there when they were needed.

    BadMagickon October 14, 2005   Link
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    My Interpretation

    Obviously, it is dedicated to Cliff Burton, but how about this one You have to understand what Mustane thinks about Metallica, so he might have implied that after Cliff died, Metallica simply didn't give a shit and went on? In this scenario, Cliff is the narrator and the band is the "person", talked about.

    Cliff died on September 27, 1986 This album was released on January 19, 1988 And Newsted was hired pretty much right after Cliff died.

    And please, stop the fucking Megadeth vs. Metallica bullshit. I have my own opinions on it, but I'm not spamming them everywhere I hear one of the band's names.

    DeathHandon July 08, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    This song is about a relationship in which the woman didnt pay any attention to him and he is trying to explain how much she is a part of him, but she was never there for him.

    DisposableHeroon May 11, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    This song could be about Metallica and how they abandond Mustaine during a time of his life when he needed friends. It must have been a horrible feeling seing Metallica rising to the top without him.

    Soulviveron October 08, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    this is his dedication to cliff burton who was a bass player for metallica who died in a bus crash. He said this in the "behind the music" special.

    Devilmanon May 23, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    I seen the documentry, yeah it is about metallicas then-bassit, but no need to call someone a "retard" just cause they didnt see that! It could also be directed at someone they love in the opposite gender too, but mustaine, being a sensitve man wrote this to someone who he coulda have had the fate of dying on tour.

    IAmASquirrelon September 11, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    Thanks for telling us that, because i didn't know that this song was about that particular issue. Megadeth is better than Metallica anyday.

    aceticaon October 15, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    This song gave depressed fans a reason to live for, meanwhile depressed fans who listen to "fade to black", a metallica song, commited suicide

    axlplanton April 07, 2003   Link

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