Pots and pans are indestructible
How do you respect your room?
If you hadn't gone tomorrow
You could have stayed on 'til June.

It's alright if I was older
It's ok to lose your age
And I, want to follow you
I do, I do

It's another I could trust you
It's another thing to swear
I'm ok with all the others
It's just her I cannot stand
I'm old enough to feel the way I do
And I know that you are true
It's just a part of my genes

And I want you to know
It's hard to wait on
I'll swallow you whole

Wait kindly in the next room
And you have stayed
A mile away from me
And you will stay a mile away from me
If you know what's good for you
You could have stayed until June

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June Lyrics as written by Peter J. Yorn

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June song meanings
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    General Comment

    I know that i'm totally missing pete's intended meaning in this song, but on a personal level it reminds me of someone very close to me that i lost long before her time, and when i listen to it, it kind of brings her back to me. The very music itself just seems like her. That is why this song is so important to me.

    TusseyTheTerribleon May 20, 2002   Link
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    I think that this song is about an angry breakup, a girl leaving sooner than she could have to dump him. He feels angry and sad because he still loved her and had to wait for her. He's over the other girls, but he can't stand her because she ruined him a little, and so now he doesn't ever want her to come back.

    wastemydayson July 22, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    I think this is about time. I'll bring up more questions than I will determine what this song is about.

    "It's all right if I was older/it's okay to lose your age." In this figurative relationship, there must be a huge gap in the ages of the people. Guys are generally the older of the couple (Or maybe that's just my high school perception?), and girls often lie about their age, to make themselves younger than they really are.

    "If you hadn't gone tomorrow/you could have stayed on 'til June" What a curious line. Does he know that she'll leave? why will she leave? Something makes me think that it's a terminal illness. What's happening in June? Maybe it's an abortion.

    "I'm old enough to feel the way I do." What does he feel? Does he feel love? Does he feel hate? Ready? Old? Intelligent? What would make him too young to feel that way?

    "And you will stay/a mile away from me/if you know what's good for you." Why is it important that they stay away?

    I don't know, guys.

    I love the song for it's music and for the questions. I'm sure you could go to peteyorn.com or something cheesey and it will tell you the meaning according to Pete. But does he want you to know?


    Greyshoeson February 12, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    Maybe he's not even talking to a girl.

    Greyshoeson August 02, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    I love this song too much. Don't know what the meaning of this song really is but what I got out of it is he's sicking of waiting for this person and this person isn't being clear about what they want, and it's messing with his mind and he's saying his feelings are real but are being unnoticed, and he's kind of giving up now..

    orange88on May 31, 2006   Link
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    another great song with a great tune. i love the way it flows and is one of my favorite songs to play myself. makes me think of a girl leaving me and being bitter about it myself. and just letting her know that she has kept her distance and that it needs to remain that way

    shelby_nubon May 22, 2007   Link
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    it reminds me of a relationship I was in. I was jailbait and he was older, so it was kinda illegal, and the thought of you could wait until june says to me, "wait, I'll be older, I'll be legal and then you can have me without worrying" Also the I'm old enough to feel the way I do line makes me think of someone saying you are too young to know what love is and denying it

    skybleachon June 09, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    When do most people graduate from high school? Graduations happen in june don't they, so it would make sense with what ibleachthesky wrote.

    "pots and pans are indestructible, how do you respect your room" this line makes me think of someone taking blunt objects and destroying their rooms out of frustration. Destroying themselves in a way, being dissatisfied with themselves and their inability to have something because of their age.

    AlaileScribeon July 28, 2007   Link

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