Push-pinned my picture to your wall,
Framed it in pieces of argyle.
There’s a thread for every minute I missed my chance to begin it.
I could feel the pressure building up as I cram it to the top,
A coffee can filled with letters.
My ears begin to pop, as the tension drops.

We’ve fallen down,
Someday you won't be around for me to fall back on
We’ve fallen down,
Someday you won't be around for me to fall back on

It’s so awkward to say goodbye to you,
The tensest moment when I fail to follow through,
I'm all wound up and then you tighten the screws,
My want turns to need as you slip on the noose.
As I push my pen across the page
Casting my spell like a first level mage,
My epic battle between love and rage
A melodramatic mess not fit for my age

We’ve fallen down,
Someday you won't be around for me to fall back on
We’ve fallen down,
All my innocence has drowned since you've gone

She says I'm changing everyday,
She wants to know how, why, and who with.
She says there's still good left in me
Like I'm the dark lord of the sith.
I write this every single winter,
Now I'm writing it again
I shed my common sense in exchange for newer skin

The good news is that I've finally learned to appreciate my friends!
The bad news is that I haven’t got any left!
The good news is that I dream about it almost every night!
The bad news is that when I wake up you're not there!

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    this song is great. it was the first Impossibles song i heard. and it has a sweet dungons and dragons referance.

    wavescrashedblueon June 29, 2002   Link
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    D&D and Star Wars references.... mmmm. Oh yeah, and it's one of my fave Impossibles songs. Good stuff.

    RockSolidAudioon July 13, 2002   Link
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    the second vere to the end of the song is what i live for. it shocked me the first time i read the lyrics and it still gets me every time. why cant everyone recognize this band. god damn they are so under rated.

    dontlookimnakedon September 23, 2002   Link
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    Really, nobody I know has even heard of them..but damn they are so freakin great!

    Dprincess1220on March 06, 2003   Link
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    best impossibles song. ever.

    MightyMarthaon July 03, 2003   Link

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