Green is all around me
I got green all on my timbs
Green all in my pockets
Imma throw it in the wind
It ain't nothing
You see us stuntin
All work no sleep
That's how we coming

Spittin shit from coast to coast
Bred you know we do the most
Yea we're way too dope
Sound will leave you comatose like an overdose
Yea we get it in
Getting to them dividends
Bumpin from end to end like

All we do is win
Turn up in the benz
All we do is win
Go and tell friend
Collectin what we worth
We tryna get it in
Gon stay up on the grind
Until we meet again

Ok. Switch up
You got your bred up
Now bring you head up
Learned a lesson
Don't need the stressing
Just need attention
You a blessing
Don't you forget that
Fly as a jet packp
On the loud pack
I just can't go back
Now don't you know that?

I'm high I'm low
Yeah I'm hot, you cold
I'll rise up real slow
Now go back slow mo
No dap, you don't know me so
No cap, I'm my homies bro
I'm back, with another one
So, go and get cha own
Go and get cha own

Now sit back. Go ahead and stretch that
Hit it like the Ms graced and mixed that
The H up in the zone, how could u miss that
This is the come up of greatness, can't wait till them fuckers on waitlist
This is no greed, this is growth
We are the breed, bred is an oath
This is what I need, welcome to the show

Tic tock the clock stop the pin drop
I was a seed now I'm considered a cash crop
When I say listen I don't want you to eavesdrop
Open my mind welcome into my gift shop
Coke snorters, the cohorts, of nose sports
I ride the waves so now I'm exiting sea ports
My mind shows wherever it goes it ebbs and flows
I'll host the Oscars cuz they said no to Kevin tho
Apologies casualties 212 degrees
Everyone I got beef with got mad cow disease
Your hobby's now habit, you turned into an addict
Get the green then you can start to live carefree
So how's it gonna end up you me and your end up
Shake that thing and you won't have to get a prenup
I'm in my bag so please stir me into your tea cup
They say time is money, wish I had more to free up

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We Were Eating Pudding in the Kitchen (feat. M3 Beatz, Manm, HT, White Noise) Lyrics as written by Huthaifa Aladwan Craig Silverman

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