I believe the diary was create
For people who didn't have the courage
To speak those thoughts out loud
You know so
In a way they feel it is the same
As speaking those thoughts out loud
Writing them in a page but
Really it's just trapping those words and those thoughts
Versus speaking those words right there in the moment
And letting all those things and feeling go
Somehow I feel like it's my last days
But don't be sad if I pass way
I done walk for miles on this pathway
Still don't see no signs on this road
What does this path say
Sometimes I feel like I been trapped in the dirt
Cuz I've been putting in the work
But I feel it don't work
It's hard to pick up the shovel
When you burying hurt
Cuz your arms is weak
From always carrying dirt
Can't even find the words to speak
When you trapped in the mind
I been thinking about the past
It's hard to leave it behind
I don't want to play the victim
But I'm sick of the lies
I'm sick of giving my feelings
To bitches that never tried
Trying to hide the hurt
They say a man should never cry
But I'm crying worse
When I'm looking up to the sky
Like it's fireworks
Cuz my mother never replies
When I'm trying to search
For reason to be alive
Instead of die on Earth
Cuz I swear I slowly been giving in
Thinking about my problems
It got me writing this shit again
I'm just trying to get to the money
Counting them dividends
Even though I'm rolling I'm tired
Thinking bout my memories as a kid
Missing them
Now I'm losing all of my life
Trying to do business
Crazy how to hurt can be big
From the littlest
I'm just trying to hold on to grip
But I'm the little pig
This Little Piggy didn't go off to the market
This Little Piggy ran off without talking
Now this little Piggy's living off in the forest
Blocking the worries
It's shielding his rain
Ain't stopping the pouring
But it ain't stopping his story
This has got to be for me
This is now not forever
I just got to have Glory
If I could go back to the past
I'll clean it all up
Then it's right back to the future
I'll hop in the DeLorean
Just beware of my thorns
If you go picking exploring
Cuz I was scorn
I was torn
When I was timid and growing
Now beware of the horns
You really been warned
Said I'm handing em porn
Cuz it's fuck what you on
Dear diary
Dear diary
Dear diary
Dear diary
Everybody taking kindness for weakness
I try to be the nicest when I'm feeling the meanest
You really need a ice pick
Cuz my heart is been freezing
I just show em to the exit
Everybody be leaving
So I don't even get attached cuz my feelings is dead
Have you ever fell in love with someone the moment you met
Then they turn around and tell you they love another instead
Now the only time you see em is a vision in head
Now y'all not even speaking
Not even call or a text
And you don't even know who the other partner in bed
Just thinking bout all the words you wanted but never said
Now you just having flashbacks
And they full of regrets
Like do you know what it's like to live a life all alone
When you want to be lifeless until ya life is almost gone
Do you know what it's like to be fucked over by ya own
But instead of holding it against em you just got to move on
Yeah it probably hurted
But you got to stay strong
So get yo bags packed
Mad fast we getting gone
Cuz you half assed
Backtracked but now we grown
We can't have that
Fast cash is what we on
If they can't grasp that
Bag back leave em alone
Til we pass that rough patch
Won't need a loan
We done ask that
Got back nothing on phone
So when that bag fat
Don't ask I'm never home
Dear diary
Dear diary
Dear diary
Dear diary
Dear diary
Dear diary

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Dear Diary Lyrics as written by D'angelo Reed

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