In America today,
Every 25 fucking
Seconds someone
Is viciously raped,
Someone is
Brutally violated;
250 times a day,
Someone is murdered,
Someone's life is taken,
In America;
This is America,
This is America,
And I love America,
I love America!

No remorse for the pain
Look into the eyes of death
Strong man cannot endure
Big god of this earth

Big god, no god!

Take back this life
Give back this world
"Woe to you
Of earth and sea"
Big god will always be

Big god, no god!

Raped souls

God raped souls
Of our lives
Hammers crush all our lives
Just like clockwork
They'll crush our lives

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Big God/Raped Souls Lyrics as written by Dino A.m. Cazares Burton C. Bell

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Big God/Raped Souls song meanings
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    I think this is going more towards the idea that there is no God, because if there was these things wouldn't happen.

    ahhskunkon December 16, 2011   Link
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    My guess is that this is meant to discount the existence of God or at least of a caring one. The verses almost seem like a back-and-forth kind of dialogue. I think that the first two lines of each verse may be from the point of view of the atheist and/or non-follower of God. "No remorse....eyes of death" may be the atheist describing life as he sees it: heartless and without order. Then we switch to the perspective of the believer: even the strongest man cannot endure this life alone and this is why the "big god of this earth" will look out for him and for everyone else. But then the chorus discounts this as a "lie" and says that this big, loving God is not there-"Big God, no God." With the second verse, I think we're back to the same formula as the first verse. The atheist starts out saying that we need to "reclaim" this life and this world: in other words, quit believing in salvation that will never come and be sure to "take back" this life and this world and live it to the fullest. But then the believer counters by quoting Revelation 12:12. My understanding of this Biblical verse is that it's conveying the idea that you need to make sure you end up with God in heaven because the only being who has control over mortals on earth is Satan. The believer then closes with "Big god will always be" meaning God and God's love will always exist and endure. But then in the chorus, the atheist turns this around on the believer, saying that the only thing God will ever "be" is a "liar." Then in the outro, the atheist takes complete command of the narrative saying that "God raped souls of our lives"-meaning that belief in a God who is not there has caused people to deceive themselves, thus taking their souls away from them. Specifically, the souls "of our lives"-in other words, THIS life which is the ONLY life and thus, this false belief has taken away everything we have. In the end, people succumb to false beliefs but are still physically exposed to cold, hard reality-"hammers crush all our lives, just like clockwork." With "clockwork" and "hammers," we are dealing with time and objects: two pieces of cold, hard reality. Anyway, that's my take on this song. The intro is confusing as it talks about America before heading into the God issue. Maybe it's some sort of comment on how even "God's country" is tormented by a lack of divine help. Not sure. Anyway, that concludes my interpretation. I think it's a back and forth with the atheist being given the dominant perspective.

    ScreenNameNeededon June 02, 2012   Link
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    Man those are some crazy lyrics. I think Burton's trying to say everyone is so proud of America and its "the best country on earth, land of the free etc." but people wont open there eyes and see the problems

    Body Hammeron April 04, 2005   Link

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