I saw a spark of light obscured from my vision by the fog blanket in the distance of the darkest night. It blasts red after white, gliding past my high through parts of skies. Not quite a plane but after size.
It might be Argus, right? DARPA's eye in the sky autonomously surveying us all in real time. Tracking people like we've been stalling the cattle ranch, our civil liberties and privacies don't have a chance.
CCTV peep in every street and rookie PIGs, police in every beat. The cookies on PCs watch what you see and read. They're watching you, what you do and even what you eat.
Technology of relevance is majorly manipulated and funded by intelligence agencies for information swoops used to have to wait and see before Facebook came and we gave it to them.

Sublime incidents designed to desensitize the citizens of what they flashed across our eyes and the cinemas, we brainwashed through flat screens and hypnotized by images. On pickers lined back institutionalized discriminants.
The only due diligence is to subdue our vigilance through thesis antithesis then into synthesis, the problem reaction solution cause and effect, the powers that be exert full force and decent.
You can tell who's here to start a war by the way they dress. Kevlar vest and raid gear and tear gas to suppress. With the Baphomet's head badged on the hat and the chest. It's blasphemous in every connotation that is suggests. we rap to god to cure us about our discontent. Basking with a fever of the furnace awareness in his head. Implement religious texts that breach our innocence. The use of popping positions of politicians in each increment.

their DARPA computers mining your data lines of encryption sifted and lifted onto their master matrix of information. Creating a charter, a database of citizens linked into the department defense networks and court monopolies that track combatants with facial recognition technology.

Where honesty is tested with lie detectors and truth lies between getting waterboarded or getting vetted, getting recruited or getting shot, where the wrong handshake in certain situations could get you knocked, lock the borders and Norfolk the planet with high definition infrared heat sensitive cameras they watch unmarked from across the lot. But when we sees the D's, the P-hogs is moving off. Spotting the cops' easy. But when I mention it, the phone locks and surveillance stops, you stop believing...

It's amazing. Every year this part of our job gets easier. Between Facebook, Instagram and Flickr people are surveilling themselves...

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