Yow, uh
Sit tight, I'm bringing knives to this stick fight (Yeah)
I'm taking lives when I spit right (Yeah)
And I got five on this live wired mic with my fist tight
Live from the city where the kids fight (Uh)
You can catch a show, I'll be bettin' that your bitch might (You bet it)
She say it's magic, but she turnin' all the tricks, right? (Right) Uh
Sick vibe, come rip on the riptide
This villain pillagin' wives and villages six miles wide
And killin' 'em (Yeah), hit the blunt, sip a sip of rum (Yes)
I peep the map, set the mission, then it's git-r-done
Hit the indica, then plunder 'til the sun's up
Rinse, lather, repeat until the kid's gettin' dumb hung
Yeah, and I ain't talkin' William (American Idol)
But it bangs, yeah, it bangs when I whisper in that eardrum
ToadStool, dog always been a weird one (Always)
Uh, say somethin', what up?

Clap your hands
Mic check, one, two, what is this?
The music or your life? I'm like, what's the difference?
Clap your hands, clap your hands, what's the difference? Uh
Clap your hands
Mic check, one, two, what is this?
The music or your life? I'm like, what's the difference?
Clap your hands
I'm like, what's the difference? Uh
Clap your hands, clap your hands

Mic check, mic check, it's Illiterat singin' it (Singin')
Bringin' it to the brink from the hip syllable slingin'
With unkillable villainous syntax (Syntax)
Polished like it's been waxed
The fire breath, lyrical cinnamon Tic Tacs
I spit fast, so put up your hand and get smashed (Get smashed)
You're just trash and everyone that you're with laughs
As you float away to the ozone
Head inflated at a rate alarming, but you're slated to go home
I hear the people complaining, waiting for something new
Well, get out the way 'cause the widebody coming through
And I'ma do what I do, get on the mic handsome
Lubricate the social situation and incite dancin'
So I can keep 'em on the edge of the seat
So smooth, even the vegetables are movin' their feet
Groovin' the beat
I give 'em what only a rapper can
The name's Illiterat, but you can call me Dapper Dan
Clap your hands

Mic check, one, two, what is this?
The music or your life? I'm like, what's the difference?
Clap your hands, clap your hands
What's the difference? Uh
Clap your hands
Mic check, one, two, what is this?
The music or your life? I'm like, what's the difference?
Clap your hands
Clap your hands, clap your hands

Now clap your hands some (Clap)
Come with slippery Dan Sampson
And get ready to rock and roll, understand, son?
Deep back of the pocket flow with the band (With the band)
One million-dollar sound on the mic like king's ransom

Clap your hands, clap your hands
What's the difference?
Clap your hands
What's the, what's the diff—, the difference?
Clap your, clap your, clap your hands
Clap, clap-clap-clap, clap, c-c-c-clap your hands

'Sup, bitch?

Ugh, oh, oh, dear Lord, oh man
Why w—
Why? Where are my boys?
Where are my Stooligans now?
Where are my Stooligans?
Oh, I'ma hurt somebody
This is the night
This is the night where I'm gon' have to hurt somebody
I know I'ma have to hurt somebody
Oh, Beelzebelle, oh, Beelzebelle, oh, Beelzebelle
Where are my boys?
I don't see your boys here
Pastor, I only see my boys
Your (Mmm-hmm), your boy?
They is not your boys
Do not claim my boys
Now I know why you stole 'em
You stole 'em 'cause you're jealous of my Jesus juice
You're just jealous
Pastor, Pastor, Pastor
I didn't steal nobody and I ain't jealous of nothin'
I got mine
Come on in here and come have a drink, come on
Ain't no way in hell am I gonna have a drink with you

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