I've got my eye on you
(One, two, three, four)

Uh, yo, I got the best lyrical flow, didn't you know?
Stool comin' through with imperial drones
I spit 'em outta my mouth, they gonna pierce through your bone
Until your toes back up, put your fist up your nose, yeah
The Ocean State making statements
Stay baking cakes in the basement
This the underground in your faces, face this
Providence be the base where we learn from the wasted, uh
And it tastes so buttery
Floatin' on the track like a schwasted Butterfree
I'm a locust when I rap, I got this rage up under me
And I'm cuttin' through the cypher with serrated cutlery
Yeah, I was raised a fuckin' G
A mangy sucker tryin' to keep it sucker-free
They late to cut him, so I stay above 'em, yeah
Never made for the underneath, no

And I'm just here for the ride (Here for the ride)
Here for a minute, I been steerin' my vision
Tryin' to clear up my mind (Clear up my mind)
Never fear what's inside
Let go, let go, let

Ferry me over the river, my liver's driftin' off
Don't know what I did, but I'm very sure I pissed him off
Now what's the problem with poppin' a couple suds?
And I think that I'll take a dip, but I'm feelin' a little wishy-wash
They told me swim with caution 'cause the fishes are vicious
The one with the bigger teeth will find the other delicious
The one with the bigger bank will take the other one's riches
Running, cutting balloon strings with the gold scissors
It's cold business, you know, six digits of O's to go
The physical toll is like a troll hit ya
If Folgers is the first thing in the morning
Then the second, third and fourth is a snapshot of the whole picture
If that's not enough get-up-and-go to go get ya
Turn up the ebb and the flow of it where your soul splits ya
I'd rather step out of the traffic, it's a slow jam
Now grab your oars and your sticks and you'll be the boatman

Yeah, I'm just here for the ride (Here for the ride)
Here for a minute, I been steerin' my vision
Tryin' to clear up my mind (Clear up my mind)
Never fear what's inside
Let go, let go, let

Pray those hands keep writing
I hope this head stays nervous
I feel the heat keep rising
Take a breath in the furnace

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