Quiet down now, children, sermon about to start

Ha ha ha
How ya doin', ladies and gentlemen? How ya doin'?
The choir is singing
I got brother Daniel on the keys
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
How's the congregation doing tonight?
I am your pastor, Pastor Henny, and just for a penny
I intend on telling y'all
One of the greatest things made on God's green earth
Now this was created by five talented motherfuckers in Rhode Island
And as a collective, they are Dan, Daniel, Beard, Toad and Ace
They are known as Toad and the Stooligans, ladies and gentlemen
Can we hear it for Toad and the Stooligans? Ha
Yes, Lord, yes, Lord, yes, Lord, yes, yes, Lord
But I can't tell you about Jesus juice
Oh no, not me
So here, coming all the way from Coventry, Rhode Island
He is the man with the lyrics
The man with the guitar and the soul
Mister Deacon Dan Pomfret, ha ha
Deacon Dan, tell 'em about Jesus juice

Now the juice holds sway
On my body, on my soul every single day
Wake up with it in the morning, right side of the bed
I can't even sleep without it running through my head
And I'll be singing for days and days and days about your little beam of light
A little Jesus juice will get you healin', feeling right
Breathin' like a wildebeest into the ribbon mic
Living life the heathen way, heaven's a set of beads away
(Yes, ha ha, yeah)
Yeah, heaven's a set of beads away
(Whoo, alright, now we what are we gonna tell 'em about?)
(Tell 'em about that Jesus juice, yeah)

Jesus juice (Ha ha, hoo)
Jesus juice (Everybody drink it now, come on)
Jesus juice (Yeah, hoo)
Jesus juice (Drink with me, bring your cups to the sky, ladies)
Jesus juice (Bring your mug to the skyline)

Ha ha, yes
Now this is the part where we start talkin' about Jesus juice
We start drinkin' Jesus juice
And everybody knows about Jesus juice
So I want y'all to drink with me, say yeah
Hoo, sip it, bitch, Jesus juice

Ha ha, hoo

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