You cut your ties/
felt better off.
Salutations to your son.
Awoke to find you heading out
with your white collar undone.
You placed a bar.
I played a game to see
how low that I could go.
We developed mental pictures
and we're following our fathers
down the drain.

Do you recall
the imagery from when
I drove you away?
Through others' rose prescription lens,
man I'm sorry everyday
because we intersect internally
and then we take what we have
and we run,
and it all starts to unravel until we're less than
we were carrying before.
I guess I expected more.

Wake me up
Pictures of you smiling in times when I just couldn't be around
Hold me up
Count my rings to see how many winters I've been stuck here underground
Swore I would not burn out
Digging through the memories that made you feel alive when you were young
You were right to doubt
Broken since foundations in the structures you were building came undone.

Part of your charm was
the way you would push me
from all of the traps that I just couldn't see.
Figures the one that was there
to have tripped you up
Would be the one
that was set
there by

Wish I was there
to say good bye when
you went away
Wish I was home
but noplace was there
I cut off
my arm at the bone
in solidarity.
Capital teaches
that there is
less when
you share

And I felt the noose
tighten up
on your
And I felt the gun
in the small
of your
Engraved in the stone
by request/in recurse
of friends dead is
"Tell me again that it's all in my head."

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Dendron song meanings
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    Song MeaningI agree with the previous submissions that this album is incredible and poetic and deep and has so much meaning going on.

    Specifically for Dendron, there are some points that seem to point toward a disintegrated father/son relationship. The singer, Christian, has a great interview published on tumblr about his issues with gender confusion. I suggest you search that and read it in full if this song touches you.

    Analyzing the lyrics:

    First verse - this is about a son watching a father work for his family. The father expects his son to be a man like himself. When his son falls short, it is a disappointment.

    Second verse - the writer is thinking about the moments where the relationship feels like it's falling apart. The writer is an artist (unlike his father), so he sees his environment as he feels emotions, hence the lyric "Do you recall the imagery from when I drove you away?" Furthermore "Through others' rose prescription lens..." is a way to describe that from the outside it seemed like a normal father/son relationship. Between them they knew it wasn't sound, due to the writer not feeling like he understands his gender identity. The writer expects a nurturing father regardless of the person his son is, but the father doesn't meet this expectation.

    The next part (bridge? post verse?) - The writer is thinking about memories from being a child and having times with his father but he didn't feel like a son. "Count my rings to see how many years I've been stuck here underground" refers to the correlation between age and how many years the writer's been confused.

    6/8 time section - The writer remembers that even though their relationship isn't typical father/son, his father has tried to help him get through life. Through all the father's efforts, the writer still doesn't trust that he's a boy. Therefore the line that states "figures the one that was there to have tripped you up would be the one that was set there by me" refers to his own gender confusion being the one thing his father doesn't know how to handle.

    The final heart-wrenching lines - The writer feels like his misunderstood gender identity is the thing that causes the figurative death of his father. His father finally departs ("wish I was there to say goodbye when you went away") and the writer regrets his inevitable feelings of confusion. He states that he wishes he was home, but he doesn't feel that he has a sense of home.

    "Cut off my arm at the bone in solidarity" expresses that the pain from missing his father is similar to the theoretical pain of missing a limb.

    "I felt the noose tighten up on your collar bone and I felt the gun in the small of your back" describes knowing that the relationship is failing and feeling like his gender confusion is a betrayal.

    The final line is a depiction of denial. Asking "tell me again that it's all in my head" is a way to detach from the painful reality that something has died.

    The album ends with a reprise of the opening guitar riff from the first track. It is brilliant and heartfelt. Sonically it is closure but it feels like a continuation of the journey that began at the beginning of the album.

    Also, dendron loosely means "branch". Which neatly fits with the theme of family.
    citieson January 28, 2016   Link

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