[Erick Arc Elliott]
Man I feel worthless, a good purchase
Abiding by the law, good purp and good purpose
I ain't perfect, nobody on this earth is
Sweeter than the cherry of a virgin
Got me out the loop like this cursive
Eyes blink, nervous, words slur lurkin a wordsmith
And the worst is, kinda perturbed bitch
If you ain't talking 'bout money I'm allergic
Six feet deep nigga where the dirt is
And bad bitches keep them guns inside they purses
The devil tongue got me sprung through these verses
If I'm the number one somethin' gotta surface
Grade school played a fool, did the math on it
Hella blind to these hoes so I passed on it
Show them titties girls put my autograph on it
Broken dreams dog, rappin' with a cast on it

Lyrical child of the indigo
Heathens pray to god, I'm only 'bout the literal
I can see your third eye, talk about a miracle
Take a walk in my shoes, most of you just tippy-toe
Time feelin' awesome engraved in my coffin
One whiff will make you pause, make you nauseous
Then I'm livin' proof ask Luke where the force is
Bury me a G, tailored suit lookin' gorgeous
Floorless, burn spliffs like I forfeit
Shut your eyes and enjoy the endorphins
Deep seas yuh, swimmin' with the dolphins
Back it up please proceed to move with caution
There's no facade, the zombies in the soir
Christian is the call but they never pray to god
If victory is war then we never met 'em
If you dancin' with the devil then I'm walkin' on the stars

Frog skin glasses, grippin' fat asses
My style surpasses, finger to the masses
Heron samples tryna make examples
All the wack rappers talking it tryna make examples
Young ass nigga where your money at nigga
Spit that gudda rap nigga, get ya mummy wrapped nigga
Pocket full of stones, leave blood in the floor
Blood stains on the wall blood rains in the morgue
I'm rotten, I'm stiff
Welcome to the underworld life's a bitch
A corpse, a carcass
Middle finger to the world in my new shhhh
It's grimy, it's gudda
Real shit just a bad motherfucker
Devolved, deceased
Bare arms see the [?] in belief
Bear stroll, come and walk with a beast
Drink beer so a nigga kinda slur when he speak
Requiem the dead never walks so we never in
Psilocybin high I'm on another binge
Inny mini miney mo, a lot of ya'll niggas ain't built for the throne
Quote me if I'm wrong, levelheaded, headstrong
Drink your lix of holy water to build up
Ayahuasca, Yopo, I'm so gone
My soul's worn, I'm so drawn, I'm so torn
Seize the moment seize rye seed the omen
Juice go hard, seeds are roamin'
They swear I'm on the deep end
But it all depends if they comprehend
Killa' rap shit, nick name exorcism
Protected by the gods, trill shit no religion

High beyond biblical proportions
Told a catholic priest bible paper burn awesome
Open my eyes and view the ceiling from my coffin
Why are you surprised that I paint these vivid portraits?
Staring in my vanity as I sit and plot another casualty
Higher than a meth head on a trampoline
I trample these beats like a tyrant, beast
Eats anything that bleeds, feast on the soul of these
I'm quick to tell a ho "at ease", I'm blowin' leaves
Spittin' razor blades, tongue flip, flesh lacerate
Every day is halloween, wrap you up in masking tape
Drag you to the ocean floor body wash on Jersey Shore
Now you got a situation, death is chasin' while you waitin'
I plot your fate, and politic while sharing blunts with Satan
I drink a keg of acid spit that in angels faces
See you're a mere mortal so there is no relation
On the highway to hell speedin' while I'm masturbatin'
With a thick witch, big tits, and her craft's amazin'
Make her hit this big spliffs, of the cali raisin
Don't waste a drop, she swallow when I'm ejaculating'
And I'm sittin' mean OG like I'm Papi Mason
A glass of virgin blood and about a hundred blunts
Here to bring the fall like the end of summer does
Life is a race well I already won it, cuz
Off that hundredth blunt, I'm about to hit a hundred-one

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