Long before the colors start to bleed
I can see the painting come alive
Clever like an angel in disguise
Moving in and out of reach

If the candle lights this crooked path
Like a lighthouse peering through the haze
I will find the river through the rain
And I'll reach the water's edge

Shed your light on me
Be my eyes when I can't see
Shed your light on me
Be my guide so I can see
The bigger picture

Like a moth burned by the fire
And driven to the flame
(Prophecies' a blessing and a curse)
I must bare this cross alone
There's no one else to blame
With each treasure found
Another shipwreck's washed ashore
I am carried by the current
On a slow and steady course

Shed your light on me
Be my eyes when I can't see
Shed your light on me
Be my guide so I can see
The bigger picture

What If caught in a moment
I get lost and can't find my way
What if all along I was wrong
In every turn, In every way

Would you talk me off the ledge
Or let me take the fall
Better to try and fail
Then to never try at all

You look but cannot see
Talk but never speak
You live but cannot breathe
See but don't believe

Wounds that never heal
A heart that cannot feel
A dream that's all too real
A stare as cold as steel

I've listened to the stories of resentment and disdain
I've looked into the empty eyes of anger, fear, and shame
I've taken blood from every stone
And traveled every road

When I see the distant lights illuminate the night
Then I will know I am home

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The Bigger Picture Lyrics as written by John Petrucci John Myung

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The Bigger Picture song meanings
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  • +1
    My InterpretationWith a little divine guidance, I'll be able to see the big picture, understand my place in the the world and succeed. It will not be handed to me. I'll need to push forward, sometimes into uncertain territory, and sometimes even failing.

    But ultimately, if I do my best to live and try many things, then despite any failures I might encounter, the knowledge I gain will leave me fulfilled and make my life worthwhile.
    eeastonon December 30, 2013   Link
  • +1
    My OpinionThis song looks like prayer to God, to give an ability to see the truth in the world full of lies.
    CyberDreamon July 13, 2014   Link
  • -3
    My InterpretationI get the impression that its about someone who's committing suicide. Not a specific person, but it's speaking out to the listeners and readers as the signs and description, signs, and actions that a person without hope and guidance in their life anymore is looking for a light, a hand, the help they need desperately but aren't receiving.

    As it goes farther down the song it's like you're missing the signs, and as they mentally get worst, and can't contain themselves, he eventually does kill himself.
    FallenPixelson November 24, 2013   Link

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