Laying awake, I tried to escape
Your love won't catch me

Locked you in my turning page
I'll always be free

I love you too, I'm not scared for you darling
I'll make you mine all of my dirt
All I could do is dream of you darling
I'm in a dream cave

Our work and all of our words
I know you'll pull through
Here I am, I love it again
I'll always be true

I love you too, I'm not scared for you darling
I'll make you mine all of my dirt
All I could do is dream of you darling
I'm in a dream cave

I'm in a dream cave

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    My InterpretationI feel like the narrator is going through an internal conflict. He loves a girl and wants to be with her, but there is something stopping him. I feel like he has baggage he doesn't want to put on her maybe from a mental illness or a past traumatic event.

    "Laid awake, I tried to escape, Your love won't catch me"
    -He is trying to be true to himself and not become vulnerable to the girl

    "Locked you in my turning page, I'll always be free"
    - He's telling himself that all she is is just another page in his book that has a continuous turning page. he will always be free because he is not bound to these pages forever.

    But he loves, her and will say it back, he's not scared for her because he wants to believe that she can handle his baggage (I'll make you mine all of my dirt) the dirt representing his baggage.
    He realizes that this is not realistic, so he can only dream of her. He is trapped within this dream cave. A lonely chasm of empty promises.

    "Our words and all of our words, I know you'll pull through"
    I'm assuming that something happened (his dark passenger came up) and she doesn't understand and is trying to bring back the past by the promises of "all of our words" they shared (promises, declarations of love etc). He is reassuring her that she will be okay.

    "Her I am, I love it again, I'll always be true"
    But now, he is ignoring the reality of his baggage preventing their relationship because he is in love and he loves the idea of being in love with her like everything is going to work out. He is trying to convince himself and her that his darkness doesn't matter because he will always be true and be there for her.

    It is quite beautiful. He separates himself from the rest of reality because unlike other people who can't be in love because of distance, or other palpable reasons, he is alone with his darkness that he can ever overcome. Even the strongest force that is bigger than us (love) can not overcome that. Or at least he loves her too much to out that baggage on her life (stressing the severity of his condition). It is selflessness vs selfish with love being middle ground.
    K_vanNess5on April 15, 2017   Link
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    General CommentI think during the last 170 seconds of this song I heard the sounds of his (wet) dream for his darling.
    spacebat11on March 04, 2015   Link

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