Every morning in the kitchen, you can see him scurry
With those six fat legs, he can move in a hurry
Living on garbage, hiding in the wall
Breathing sprays and poisons and surviving it all
He's a roach
Big cockroach

With a female roach, his only thought's to seduce her
He's an insect Cassanova, a prolific producer
He's got a shiny back that's harder than granite
Huh, he's just about indestructible... Dammit!
He's a roach
Big cockroach

He was standing at the corner of Under and Sink
All mean and unshaven, he was looking for a drink
He had a dent in his neck from a month ago
When the maid caught him napping and stomped him on the flo'

Once I threw a party, he showed up real drunk
Leaned across my wet bar and called me a punk
Well, I took his remark rather tongue and cheek
But, just to be safe I made his next drink weak
He was mean
Big cockroach

After everybody left, we sat down on the rug
We were talking it out, kind'a... Kind'a of man to bug
He said "This country was built on persistence like mine;
I'll survive. Just relax. Everything will be fine."
Big roach
Big cockroach
Now, we get along fine, at least so far
In fact, my only complaint is that he borrows my car
"You can't fight evolution. Not and win." he swears
Seems my only solution was to keep him downstairs
Well, I didn't want him in my room. Listen, I've slept in a room with roaches before, but I've never had one hop in bed and throw one leg over me! When they start to cuddle, that's when I draw the line!

Well, it's been a while since that went down
He moved out. People said he left town
Then... via the vine, I heard he moved to Manila
They say to marry a chick, by the name of Bugzilla
Big roach
Big cockroach

A year went by and I got a visit from his son
He was bigger than a Buick, he weighed over a ton
So... Now I live downstairs. Well, what could I do?
The only other choice was to have him move in with you!
And he was big
Big cockroach

Lyrics submitted by JohnnyLurg, edited by CajunGypsy

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