Though I can't put my hands on you I can feel you now
In the bones and the blood flowing needles on the ground
In the ether I sail to you floating on the fumes
Run aground on the shore for you simple wreckage

Taree walk out and raise the road to my tilted shadow
I only know I've made it home when I drown in your ghost light

Though I can't put a name on you I will cry it out
In my heart I will hold what my bloody hands have dropped
Run aground on the floor for you simple wreckage

Taree walk out and raise the road to my tilted shadow
I only know I've made it home when I drown in your ghost light
In your ghost light

Taree walk out and raise the road to my tilted shadow
I only know I've made it home when I drown in your ghost light

In your ghost light

Taree! Taree! Taree!

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Taree Lyrics as written by Chris Cornell Benedict Shepherd Hunter

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    General CommentWhoever posted these lyrics is a moron.

    Its about the place that chris grew up in, and has been dubbed an "ode to nature". Its an important song for him, stating all the mystical emotions he experienced when he was amongst nature as a child. And the name is a reference to a sign saying "taree" that was styled like the hollywood sign, only it was overgrown with plants.
    derpatrolon February 26, 2013   Link
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    General CommentTaree is actually a name of Japanese origin. Not sure if it has personal significance to Chris or not, nor am I sure of the meaning.

    Also, I love how you can really hear Chris getting his Soundgarden voice back through the course of this album.
    sobeliz24on November 18, 2012   Link
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    General CommentApparently, Ben wrote the music before they broke up. I guess Chris wrote the lyrics this year. Taree is in reference to a sign in Kingston, WA. It was the letters that make up "Taree" in similar form as the famous Hollywood sign. Not sure what the lyrics mean but I just watched the commentary on youtube for this song.
    kanoe13on November 28, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIsn't it a reference to heroin?
    "In the bones and the blood flowing
    Needles on the ground (...)
    Simple Wreckage (...)
    I only know I've made it home
    When I drown
    In your ghost light"
    salchoon November 29, 2012   Link
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    General CommentHeck yeah sobeliz24 - i definitely hear that classic Soundgarden vocals in Chris's voice. It rocks man - most of the songs on King Animal he did a great job on vocally. I'm hoping their next album rocks too i dont wanna jinx it but dont know how much fighting time these guys have left as a band. I hope alot but we shall see.
    LoL it's so funny how all of these songs seem to be in reference to a drug w/ the power of Heroine and all.. but uhh.. yeah. If it is about that symbolic town of his growing up. GHOST light.. ghosts are gone.. he wants to drown in the light of that memory .. his tilted shadow.. maybe he feels like now hes just a shadow roamin around without that place. But i mean.. the verses suggest a double meaning like.. he cant put a name on Taree anymore.. cant place his hands there... he can still feel it - IN THE BONES AND THE BLOOD FLOWING.. sure like maybe thru heroine use he can feel it .. needles on the ground, etc. - i see that. in the "ether" he "sails" .. floating on the "fumes" yup... i can see an of double meaning in this song b/w inspirational and vivid imagery and connecting all of that in a powerful way to the place he grew up in. Good instrumentals and vocals in this one guyz.
    perigrintook713on July 10, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionEnglish grammar is not exactly my strongest side, so nevermind that...Ok, my take on this song is that it's not just about the place(an bay with the "Taree" sign), it's more about things happend there...Key lyric line for me is "In my heart i will hold what my bloody hands have dropped", meaning he regrets something, some bad mistake he did, probably somebody he lost, cause of his weakness, stupidity, pride or alike. Those were probably the best times of his life and had the strongest impact on him, but he feels he did something very wrong(posible cause of drug abuse, but it doesen't have to be that, or that only. "Needles on the ground", and "floating on the fumes" can mean a lot of things). Anyway, things went bad.. So, memories hunt him, in his imagination he always goes back to his "home". But, the tricky part is he cannot ever realy be there and be the real him, caues not only he would have to go there, he would also have to bring back the time, the people, everything...and that's only posible in another, "ghost" dimension. Thats the reason for mixing real and surreal in his lyrics (cause he likes when it gets mixed in his head, it's the only way he can get home). The chous can also mean that the sing is not realy there anymore, and the whole place looks very different now, so he prays for the road to pop out from out of nowhere, so he could go to his favourite place that only he knows egsists. If you imagine a scene as described in the chorus lyrics, it looks very much like some portal pasing scene from sci-fi movies.
    smilingon November 06, 2013   Link

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