I'm doing everything I can to get my buzz on
Trying not to feel this pain no more
That's why I'm pooping these pills and smoking this dro
And drinking this Henney straight
Trying not to feel this pain no more

[Verse 1: E-40]
I came from the bottom of the barrel, to everyday new apparel
From a shoe string budget to more jewelry than a pharaoh
Up out a place called Vallejo, house smaller than a hut
First city in California to go bankrupt
Came a long way, let the truth be told
Penitentiary chances sweating over the stove
Seen them come and go, I'm the last of my crop
Don't compare me to nobody unless you're talking bout Pac
Just trying to survive and stay alive, so many of my people done died
Nowadays, you're an O.G. if you live to be 25
My partner in there with his grand-daddy doing 25
Lifting water bags, doing burpees exercise
I hand pick my friends cause people ain't trustable
Feelings like broads, their motives is questionable
Suckers sneak diss me and call me up on the phone
They say, "40 Water, I just wanna be on"


[Verse 2: Game]
They say money makes the world go round
And since I'm worth twenty mil, I wanna see this bitch spin like the rims on a Schwinn
Hop on that bike, ride through the neighborhood
Compton on smash, them boys get Cash Money like Baby do
I got a scar over my heart, cause that's what hating'll do
So watch your back like a tattoo artist
A coffin don't fuck about who the hardest
You lay where the people who mourn pray
Get your name etched in stones with your born day
Small talk over a glass of Grand Marnier
As I sip from the glass, my mind starts packing this Louis Vuitton bag
Take a trip to the past, hear that shot going blast
See my brother lying dormant, IV's in his arms
Can't you see he got a piss bag
17 years old, and you niggas wonder why I'm so cold


[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
Let me get a fifth of some brandy, a plate of some candy
Cindy, Sandy, Mindy Mandy
Tina, Brandy, Keisha, Angie
Man we, can't we all get along
Two shots of Patron, I did it till the break of dawn
Big fish in a pond, running my triathlon
Doggy Dogg keep the bone
One of a kind, blow you mind
Just like Einstein, born to shine
I'm getting mine prime time like 21
Get 'er done, everything in my life, I make it look like fun
Everyday of my life, I'm trying get my buzz on
Cuz on some other shit, I'm keeping it on the under bitch
So much pain I overcame, same thing
Me, E-40, and Game came from the same gang
But you wouldn't understand
I'm populating with my weeper's translation
That's my main man, let me hit that damn thing


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