(feat. Avery Storm)
[Verse 1: Murphy Lee]
Check, back in '93 I had it all
I was a kid, yo I grew up on the "Player's Ball"
Shiit, born in the 80's man, St. Louis Hailey Ann
Showin' my jewels to prove I was the ladies' man
Shake all the ladies' hands, feel on the ladie's pants
I'm doin' the latest dance, makin' the hatas glance
I'm wit the older crowd, big brother showed me how
To make my mama proud, look how it turned out
Well lemme get back on my bullshit
To be a playa yo you had to learn to push it
Yo, 'cause it was crazy how we hooked up
I looked up, found my face in her butt like "What the fuck?"
"Stop, what you doin? get yo face out my fanny"
Tuckin' her shirt in so I wouldn't see her panties
We laughed, and that was a beginning of a past
That keep on huntin' my ass, now who the asshole..

[Hook: Avery Storm]
I don't really think
I don't think that you..
I don't think you say "my ways"
I don't think I want to stay..
I don't think that you can say, your way
I've done made a lot of mistakes befo'
Yo my girl, I think I better go..

[Verse 2: Murphy Lee]
Yo, yo, yo..verse 2 is how we set it off
It took ya derrty 2 years just to get it off
Shiit, and even though it wasn't bout that
'cause we was young and I knew I'd be the first cat (eh-eh)
And I got proved wrong, and I knew all along
Cause 2 years lata someone said they was the first to bone
Now I got a circumstance on my hands
Supposed to be her man, first one in her pants
I stayed wit her, spent much years, days wit her
Laid in the shade wit her, sit and played spades wit her
I always knew that it would happen again
So on the side I always kept about 2 or 3 friends
Two wrongs don't make a right, but yeah right
I was in love, you what it took to keep it tight
A year later, the shit didn't shape up
I caught her on the Kastle lot straight shakin' her butt

[Hook: Avery Storm]
I don't really think
I don't think that you..
I don't think you say "my ways"
I don't think I want to stay..
I don't think that you can say, your way
I've done made a lot of mistakes befo'
Yo my girl, I think I better go..

[Verse 3: Murphy Lee]
Verse 3 is how I fell for it
If a happy home at 70, you gotta go through hell for it
I answered calls and chanced it all
Knowin' damn well we wasn't advancin' at all
Now we back at Mickey D's and movies
Chicken from Popeye's, "I know a biscuit come wit this two piece!"
Her attitude used to urk me, sweet as can be
Booty like pie, but bah, please dessert me
And I'm not gonna be able to do it
And she knew if we spent time together we'd be right back to it
Yeep, she be like "spend the night", I be like "damn right"
But when I wake up in the mornin' man I see the light
I got the same circumstance on my hands
Instead of bein' a man, controllin' what's in my pants
I left, I thought it'd been the end of the mess
But she still call my phone to death, I need help..

[Hook: Avery Storm]
I don't really think
I don't think that you
I don't think you say "my ways"
I don't think I want to stay
I don't think that you can say, your way
I've done made a lot of mistakes befo'
Yo my girl, I think I better go

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