Early in the morning and I'm in my ride
Rolling to the garage with the homeboy, getting high
Rolling down the calle in my rag sixty-three
Looking to hit the switches on any vato I see
Two pumps to the front and one to the back
I always carry my quette so don't think I'll let you jack
Rolling on these, my twenties gripping the street
Always keeping trucha out for any vatos trying to creep
Rolling down Vermont going South down the way
Took Lawana head straight to my rag six-tray
Made a right on Gage and spotted me a rag sixty-four
Hit the front switch jumped four feet off the floor
The fool started hitting, wasn't really doing shit
I rolled down the window, told that vato he should quit
I hit front and back as I drove away
I'm hitting all back bumper ese I don't play
Got to the powers, laid it down to the floor
Turned my sounds soft and jumped the hell out the door

We ain't got bad
Hittin' them switches
Bumpin' that down, front, back, side to side
We ain't got bad
Hittin' them switches
Bumpin' that down, front, back, side to side
We ain't got bad
Hittin' them switches
Bumpin' that down, front, back, side to side
We ain't got bad
Hittin' them switches
Bumpin' that down, front, back, side to side

Rolling back home looking clean and mean
Armor-All on my tires bumping a cut by Al Green
Stopped at my homey South Central Hydraulics
Kicked it for a while with a bunch of alcoholics
Drinking that Corona, always working on cars
Hooking up the hydro's making that shit hit hard
Later that night we all rolled to the boulevard
Clowning with the hyenas, rolling deep in my car
Hitting front and back, hitting side to side
Had all the firm hyenas wanting to jump in my ride

Orale, check out those hyenas over there
Thems some proper ass dubs Holmes
What's up? Hey

Rolled up and down, hopping hitting switches
Catching punk ass vatos, clowning them and their bitches
Rolling on these with my rag top down
My candy paint was sticking and I was bumping my sounds
The boulevard was hot, hyenas everywhere
Rolling bumper to bumper with my Daytons in the air
Hitting three wheel motion going down the street
Checking out some hyenas hanging out on the Jeep
Giving up the plate, wanting to give up the cat
We stopped to talk and seen the Jeep on a flat
Before they said hi we started waving good-bye
We peeled out quick and just preceded to ride

Three wheel motion
With a hellafied gangsta lean
Three wheel motion
With a hellafied gangsta lean
Three wheel motion
With a hellafied gangsta lean
Three wheel motion
With a hellafied

I pulled up in the park and seen a big crowd
Vatos going head up hopping for their highest bounce
The genre was hype and they was jumping around
Catching koalas everywhere waiting for the next round
I pulled up beside them and told the vatos what's up
I showed them my stack and I was ready to hop
Drove them face to face and I was ready to go
Let the back end up and then I started to flow
Hitting all back bumper all the way non-stop
The vato couldn't hang so I won the hop
Simon I'm hitting switches and just having fun
Kicking back with the Raza, didn't have to use a gun
Jumped on the freeway, and was on my way
Took the 1-10 South to South Central LA

Boys on the East side
Hittin' them switches
Boys on the East side
Hittin' them switches
Boys on the East side
Hittin' them switches
Boys on the East side
Hittin' them switches

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