I'm sick of being lied to, giving it my all, you know I tried to
Maintain in the family is a must, I would of died to
Do anything for my peeps
But it seems they would rather see me sleep six feet deep
But when I'm on my feet somebody got they hand out though
That'll feel me broke the heat be hiding the rain watch me soke
That's the millennium love if you can pay your way, maybe you can stay
In the mean time they hate you everyday
Want to see me and my baby girl break it off
Haters'll stop they self-defense friends every ten minutes drop it's off
When three's company and four is a crowd
And my situation is seven everybody else can move around
Look at your friends and your friends peeping, they burn bridges
In they household, come into your home and try to repeat it
Got you looking at your people meaning shit
When it's over you're lonely talking about I should of seen that shit

[Chorus - 2x]
Take a look at my life, everybody around here so shife
No love, no sacrifice, fellas in the street ain't acting right

Watch your enemies dog, keep them close like your block
Most of the ones closest to you cause they want what you got
Long as you spending money on them and your buying the drugs
They gone be down like four flats and ain't trying to budge
Say they love you everytime you rolling up the doe-doe
But when your ends don't spend they tend to leave you solo
I know, that's why I love Z-Ro, cause ain't nobody else gone love me
I think of myself, why'all don't think of me
I'm all alone but guess what, that's alright
Even though they use me for a punching bag, that's alright
Even if my woman don't want me no more, that's alright
I got Jesus and I can conversate with him all night
Give me a split that's what I'm asking
Cause I get reary ducking haters as they passing
I wish I was a sociable person, but socializing ain't for me
I want to die by myself in these streets cause that's love

[Mr. 3-2]
It ain't no love no more everybody about the dollar
That's why when I pass by the G-O-V don't holler
I pop my collar and don't follow nobody
Keep god first and don't need no killumanati
To put it on your mind cause I say on no pages
Stacking big faces and travel to many places
Sipping ski tastes straight out the gallon
Why don't you take a lick and don't swallow ?
The games is backstabbing, crooked it ain't right
Friends or kin folk it don't matter we can fight
It's whenever when we were boss want to do
Cause I'ma pull dollar prime till I'm dead and I'm through

[Chorus - 2x]
A lot of friends turn to foes over money and hoes
I can't believe my best homie ain't my nigga no more
Remember days of playing hookie in the streets for fun
Now I'm getting dirty looks got me clutching my gun
On the one, I'ma shine like the sun my nigga
If I'm so low when I'm riding with some thugging niggas
Family members even say that I ain't use to shit
Cause I stay high all day straight abusing shit

Cause lord knows Z-Ro ain't got no regular living
Even though I'm, trying I feel as if I'm headed to prison
Or headed to the grave, could it be I'm running out of time
Feeling hopeless, I lost my mama then I lost my mind
Will I heal in time, scarred up with bruise and shot
But see the pain is in my brain, hitting like a stash spot
My life, my life, full of drama and bullshit
We burn this out of my foes pull quick, where the love at

[Chorus - 6x]

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Life song meanings
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