Ha Ha
Slush "The Villain"
Shadow all up in this motherfucker
Hell a High, off that sticky gram weed
Livin' the thug life, sellin' drug life
Packin' snubs, smokin' weed all day bud life
Can't fuck wit it baby

It's the 'unfadable', confrontation with 'I' is consequential
Me and Slush "The Villain" makin' your advisories parental
Fuck a presidential limousine
I roll wit thugs in maxima's on Lomos

Or Impalas on chrome d's
Follow me and see why everybody calls me hostile
How motherfuckers be hatin' 'cause I live a gangsta lifestyle
My profile is so wild you wouldn't want to kick it

With these two young thugs, packin' snubs and gettin' convicted
Inflictin' much pain like my a.k.a. was migraine
Make a fool swallow piss for disrespectin' my name
From the sky falls rain to the streets, you'll fall victim

And all I got to say to my thugs is fuck the system
The Mistah Shadow is who I be up on this paragraph
Makin' fools panic cause they heard about the aftermath
I'm at the point of no return and so I keep burnin'
Marijuana cause I want the higher learner

We straight gangstas, bangers, dope slangers
Bitch stranglers, who want to come and playa hate us
Money makers, world wide got it locked
Walkin' 50 deep through your motherfuckin' block

For all my enemies I got them gats too
Me and my faculities bodies covered up with tattoos
So when you see me it's intimidation that you feel
Cause you know these fuckin' Eses mess for real
Cause we're soldado down to throw putasos

Con chiflasos tricky let's throw chingasos
I got Shadow on the side of me
With that gram sticky green mothafucka

Come get high with me
And if you say you'se my homie, don't decieve me
Cause when I say I'm gonna kill, you best believe me

Even out of town we break motherfuckers down like car trouble
Tricky grab an axe and a shovel
Show these sons of hood rats who gots the bag of tricks
Full of guns, ammunition, screwdrivers and ice picks

We pick who dies, when the wolf cries
Brutalize mothafuckas, catch em by surprise
We're unexpekted like a car crash
Head bash a mothafucka, and give him whip lash
Think fast, blink and it's your ass up in pieces
Have your mom screamin for Jesus

I give's a fuck motherfucker
Down to buck motherfuckers
Better duck or that ass get plucked motherfucker
I got all I need to succeed, let's get to test em'
Pocket full of weed and a gun that's full of teflon

I'm a motherfucker thug with no love
I'm seein' my enemies bleedin' sleepin' in their blood
I'm fantasizin' homicidal thoughts like Charles Manson
Money schemin' plots to come up, like hold you for ransom

It's all about the skrilla homie, I'll put a price on your head
And iIf they don't pay up by mornin best believe that you're dead
Playin wit your life like God but I don't care
Ain't gon let nobody stop me from bein a millionaire

It be a gun blast ese till one of us dies
Best believe tryin' to aim my heat right between your eyes
Only on my bullet, my name I'm gonna engrave
Slush "The Villain" put that ass to the grave, mothafucka


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