Fuck the intro, we running this shit
If she a thot nigga I see a a lick
Pop-out on niggas fuck aiming assist
Dump that lil hoe like hell naw she ain't slick
We never left from the crib with no blicks
I came from way down below Roddy Ricch
Ay who wants smoke no Nardo Wick
Dance on the gang, you gone dance in a pit
She love Markaz cause he never come quick
Rockin Mangella and rockin my Ricks
Dis ain't no Trix but this smoke ain't for kids
If It's for my brothers I'm taking that risk
Real niggas and fake hoes ain't never gone mix
Change it to K's when you slide through the six
Real young nigga had to scam since a jitt
Rush with emotions your steps I predict
He wasting time with a bitch, is you kidding me?
Self made boss, ain't a soul looked out for me
Bloodline real ain't no snitch kin to me
Any hoe, hate me now, used to simp for me
Two white bitches katy and tiffany
Found my vision then follow my piffany
Show out, one time, they gone look at you differently
Linning my opps, not one made a simi squeeze
Killed my opps don't got no enemies
Between yo hoe and my remedy
If you run up you finna be begging please
Best believe you gone always remember me
Let a nigga talk shit
He stuck in the mix
I made a new list
I flooded my wrist
We fry him like fish
He gushing and shit
We leave his family and friends feeling sick
On god real nigga shit
Walkin' that bitch, talkin' my shit And I'm gone, that's how I do it
Didn't he say we was runnin' this shit? I'm Fuckin' her friend, I'm fuckin' his bitch
Gather in, so I'm talkin' my shit I go for the kill and I'm makin' it quick
Tackin' with lasers, they doubt you a beast You on that Mickey ass shit, that is lame as you get
If my dog see a opp it's gon' make him go sick My countdown from six, we instead of that bleach
That I'm not your friend, not your twin not your, I'm not feeling you
Mortal Kombat, the game told me to finish I been so locked in, can't pass on this bitch
But I knew from the gym, I was gon' make that decision I really like how I'm livin', I'm workin' on this
I've decided, no kids, I ain't kiddin' You can fuck your thoughts, nigga fuck your feelings
All you have is a pen, and don't talk about what I just done
Go get it, wake up and go get it Get my mind out of prison, have all goals with precision
I know she love my bitch, she's the one that I mess with But fuck it, she got competition
She tryna eat me like I am nutritious While I'm at the top of the row, what's the bitch
She ask me why I be actin' so dish My favorite position is CEO
Girl, I just love where you see me go That's how I know that you want it some more
You get what you want, you won't want it no more
You hear how I keep on progressin' this flow? I gotta give you my thoughts, for sure
I'm glad you hear me put on a show I hit this out the front, get out, bring it back home
I'm hittin' my dance while I walk in the door lil bitch
Talk my shit, I'm gone
Shit, y'all can run it back if y'all want to But we still gon' win

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