It's been along time since we last hit the sheets
Fucked like dogs and sweated from the body heat
I was movin my ass slowly and you told me to hold you
And like a folder, you told me to fold you
To the position where I get it from the backside
Open your legs wide and let me get inside
Caressin your body and your scratching my back up
I'm strokin and yo pussy chokin so I just slack up
Strok it like a real one I grab ya side
Ya tellin me how it feels so good as my dick slips and slides
In and out ya pussy as you tell me your cummin
The way my dick rocked that ass I swear I was drummin
Here I cum, dumb ditty dumb I gotta nut so
Can't hold it no longer so I let it flow
Oh damn, oh you on the pill
You told me to chill
I didn't wear a rubber 'cause I like the real feel

The feel...It's just gotta be real
The feel...It's just gotta be real
The feel...It's just gotta be real
The feel...

I like a pussy to be wet, steamin hot when I get inside
I bet it's sweat but yet
Still, I don't like a dead fuck
Talking bout makin love, can't even get my head sucked
Fuck that I'm on the other tip
Bitch come my way and get dick whipped
I like bitches, bitches let me break it down
Some ho's wanna fake it don't even make a sound
You see, I cum like the ocean and stroke like a breeze
The friction from my stroke made it 100 degrees
In the room, I ride that ass like a broom
This is another fuck song, this ain't a dance tune
I made it like this 'cause I'm not your love maker
I'm a back breaker, it take a strong pussy to take a
Dick like this, but you would love the pain
You would love the strain, get tired and change
But I'm a contain my nut until your ready to deal
'cause I'm a chill and I like the real feel

The feel...It's just gotta be real
The feel...It's just gotta be real
The feel...It's just gotta be real
The feel...

Let's pretend we're married and carry on like fool's
I'll break your pussy like a high school rule
We're fuckin and suckin, I'm strokin and hopin
You'll have the strength to keep your legs open
No doubt you do, so I put you in the buck
Your pussy lips suck everytime we fuck
Your cummin like water and drippin from slippin
My dick is the belt and ya get an ass whippin
You love me so you take the pain, but it hurts so good
Flip you on yo stomach and fuck you like a man should
Call you my baby 'cause you fuckin me crazy
My dick get's hard if you look at me or graze me
I'm so in love with fucking you, everyday that's what we do
_____?_____ me and you F-you-see-K-I-N-G
I ain't tryin to hurt your feelings 'cause you know the deal
I like you, but I love the feel

The feel...It's just gotta be real
The feel...It's just gotta be real
The feel...It's just gotta be real
The feel...

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