(Jane, stop this crazy thing!) [x2]

She was this girl that I know named Jane
She used to be cool, now the girl's insane
Now all Jane does is walk around all day
Sayin, "Beam me up, Scotty, take me away!"
Now I remember Jane from back in the day
When she used to go to school, get all straight A's
Now you see Jane on the street corner
Stoppin every car anytime she wanna
Whatever went wrong, the facts remain
But who could think this woulda happen to sweet old Jane

(Jane, stop this crazy thing!) [x2]

Jane's lifestory was a tragic one
She started gettin high, cause she said it was fun
There was no party, just a meeting of friends
And then the question arose: who got ends?
It went around, they had 300 in all
Somebody yelled out: "We're gonna have a ball!"
Steve grabbed the money and ran down the block
Came back and said, "Y'all, take a look at this rock!"
Jane was gettin into somethin heavy that night
"Hurry up quick, somebody give me a light!"
[Name] said "Hold it!", he was pullin too fast
But Jane was amused by the smoke in the glass
She was tickled to death at the faces they made
"Puttin fire to the glass, don't you think it won't break?"
In a flick of a flash the torch was lit
She put it to her mouth, and she took a hit
Smoke rushed from her lungs and up to her brain
This was the beginning of the end of Jane

(Jane, stop this crazy thing!) [x2]

Jane got weak, and the bass got strong
What she used to do right, Jane now does wrong
I walked past one day, called my man Jack
She almost broke her neck cause she thought I said "crack"
It had to be a week since I seen her that day
But the body that she had just wasted away
When she used to walk by, we used to say she looked chill
But now as she passes, everybody go (ill!)
The girlie we saw hop off Mercedes Benz
She was on it so hard, she started stealin from friends
To all the drug dealers she was so in debt
That she sold her VCR and her TV set
Jane used to live the life as the storybook tells
Now everything she gets, she eventually sells
Sneak around the corner when you see Jane comin
She'll be touchin on your clothes, the girl be crumbin

(Jane, stop this crazy thing!) [x2]

If you know a girl who was the quiet type
Who acts kinda funny and a bit too hype
These kinda actions only mean one thing
She's only buggin like that cause she's suckin the thing
Not only the girls, it can happen to guys
But the fellas try to beat you, then they greet you with lies
One day Jane coulda been my honey
I just couldn't wait till the girl made 20
I see her nowadays, and all I do is sing
(Jane, stop this crazy thing!)

(Jane, stop this crazy thing!) [x3]

[variations of (Jane) repeated till end]

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Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing Lyrics as written by Shawn L. Moltke Mc Shan Marlon Lu Ree Williams


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Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing song meanings
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