My man Dwayne Swayze is at it again
This time on one of Stu Banga's brutal beats
Monte Cristo Music
Meets Brutal Music
You're welcome very much
Run it Dwayne
I take this mechanical pencil and fill it up with lead
Cause if I don't have this release everybody gone be dead
Doing it word of mouth till it becomes wide spread
Got my foot on they throat
They know they on they last leg
Hanging on by a thread
This industry is a joke
Sensitive rappers they all tell more stories than soaps
The plot thickens
But never reveals they all broke
As I sip my Macallan 18-year Sherry Oak
Guess I'm just gone have to take this shit in stride
Yeah win or learn
Never lose or testify
On the real that's just RNS that I live by
Blindfolded I believe I can hit the bullseye
If that makes me overconfident then I'll be that guy
With red eyes on the red eye
While you sleep at night
You got the same twenty-fours in your day as mine
So when I reach the mountain top
Don't ask me how or why
I jam
It seems I got a lot on my plate
So much to lose
I got a lot at stake
It's very rare to have talent and it not be fate
Got people fishing for position using me as bait
I'm just playing this rap game till I reach the high score
Yeah that's my purpose
You define yours
Right now I'm thinking Hov is in the lead
Number two is Puff Daddy
Doc Dre is number three
Truth is
My purpose has a color and its green
Monte Cristo's not a motto
Thats the motherfucking team
Writing rhymes in my playbook
Developing schemes
When it comes to this rap shit
It's just my brothers and me
MVP and Mr. Real Name No Gimmicks
Watch us master this shit like no limit
For those thinking we're not committed
Dwayne will get it
You got to deal with it
We jam
Man I been telling y'all about Dwayne Swayze
Dwayne take them for a ride man
Make them believers
Punch it Swayze
Why would I walk mile in your shoes fam
That's your journey
What they say think or feel about me
Shit don't concern me
Stu called this one show respect
Let's set the precedent on what you can expect
When Monte Cristo and Brutal Music connect
I'm getting closer hear my steps
Not before long I'm at they neck
Applying pressure and causing stress
The balls in my court now
I got next
I'm not impressed
They champion mediocrity as success
I digress
I'm on rodeo with the top down
Laughing with Chad
We seeing this in real time we see the top now
Look close enough to know that it exists
And the only way to make it is if we persist
Lyrics to those that oppose these are your last rites
I would have handled this all differently in a past life
If every move you makes an L then that makes you a knight
Watch me shed the snakeskin and soar to new heights
Check mate motherfucker

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Respect [Instrumental] song meanings
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