It's an everyday thing on the east of town
Times ain't good, but they won't hold me down
I'm out to get mine and won't get left back
I can't get me a job, but I can get a dope sack
In my hood everyday, gettin off my slangs
I'm not really trippin off money, 'cause I'd rather gang bang
And kick back with my homeboys who are down for me
From the evil side representing one-three
And the ways in my neighborhood ain't nothin nice
You gotta be down or else your payin the price
'cause for me to do good others must do bad
What makes me happy might make you sad
I need to straight come up so I can earn my way out
Broke motherfuckers don't carry no clout
The hood that I'm from is where I proved my name
And the streets where I live is where I got my fame

Don't push me 'cause I'm losing my head
The way I live I might end up dead

I can't ever forget the crazy things that I've done
A young gang-banger livin life by a gun
Doin down ass things to make you learn quick
The kind of crazy things that make people sick
Some might not agree, but I have to survive
And by me doing wrong is gonna keep me alive
So I try everyday to learn the tricks of the trade
Savin up my money 'cause I don't get paid
I know I do bad but I do it real good
'cause that's the way I learned in my crazy ass hood
Growin up in the streets of SB and LA
Where a youngster couldn't even hang around and play
Drive bys, drug deals, bases everywhere
Crack babies being born and their moms don't even care
Don't think for a minute that this shit ain't real
'cause life on the streets might get you killed

[Chorus x2]

Times are bad and everything is hard
Got no money, don't own no car
With some old ass clothes, no food to eat
And some burnt out Nikes coverin up my feet
You get your first impression by the way I look
He's a gangster, a killer, and a no good crook
Just 'cause I'm broke don't mean I'm a punk
Lemme explain myself in five minutes of funk
Everything I've done that has been wrong
I just kick back and write it here in my song
'cause life on the streets is rough as fuck
Vatos tryin to hit licks so they can come up real tough
Rapping is my hustle, alls I need is a beat
So I can tell my little story about life on the street
And I'ma do what it takes, so I can survive
This is mad ass Danger from the Brownside

[Chorus x2]

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Life on the Streets Lyrics as written by Gilbert Izquierdo Danny Caranza

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