She was the type of hype
that made it right
and fights
were unnecessary because she kept peace at night
it's alright ya chillin' with ya girls
and whirls around a sound unique
when feet are on the ground
it's cool that ya clique would be at school
and dicks would drew the stick
but no haps with fools would sick
and in particular this light skinned beautiful
above the secular limitations expecting this man
to stand on the waves of commitment
dips went back & forth to my door
so I couldn't package the shipment
and then this trick went
dressed in white
still hurt from my pain
he couldn't stand the flight
of anotha nigga
now ya man fakin' ways of celibacy
fellas be laughin' & you say lookin' jealous to me
but you don't know while he's sticking you from the back
he jacks you for your brain
Duane had to refrain
from keepin' ya name out of my mouth
I seen ya old clique made noise while you had poise
and can't hold it
I say lets pray for precious lips upon the growing
hmmm, it's one motion for the hoeing.


You swung ya young booty among the hands
of a man who got ya sprung
and then lover tends to be out
dippin' the rubber in the trash
coverin' your bare ass
you losin' respect fast
ya gonna end up in the dump for chumps
that wanted to pump ya rump
for his sake as he's fakin' the funk
and I'm shakin' the trunks
while givin' messages
so listen
wonderin' who he's sung sufficiently and now he's missin'
ya talkin' marriage, that's cute
he's tlakin' I burried the boots
in the locker room
and it's scarry cause you
depend his dick is more than strength
and ain't no promisin'
open your ankles
let 'em wet up all your common sense
you want to play the stupid games
well, this ain't pitter pat
I can't call you no more
what type of shit is that?
Not tryin' ta get you back
don't even flatter yourself
a lack easy the climb
so you can struggle
so when my name blows up
don't be so subtle
so call me back now that my face is showin'
cause you know what I'ma say
it's one motion for the hoein'.


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