Look, niggas really wanna beat they chest for B-A-N-K-S
These niggas be gorillas for the pin-K flesh
These niggas be vanilla, the chips be legitimate
They just want the pumpernickel sis in the linens with 'em
So since you vanilla men spend
Can my hot-fudge bitches get with your vanilla friends?
Hey, I'm the licorice bitch
You know I'm lookin' for these niggas if these niggas is rich
I make hits muthafucka do you jiggle your dick
When ya bitch pop singin' on the licorice hit, ya know (what?)

Can I catch your eye, sir?
Can I be what you like, yeah?
I could be the right girl
Tell me if you like your
Lady in my, my color
Can I be your type? Yeah
I could be the right girl
Tell me if you like your
Lady in my, my color
Can I be your type, yeah?
I could set you right, whoa
How are you tonight, sir?
I'm living my life, oh
Hope you feel alright, yeah

Hey, I'm the licorice bitch
You know I'm lookin' for these niggas if these niggas is rich (what?)
He got creme for ya colors and a blue eye too
Hi, wanna get your number for your 212 line
Maybe we can slumber, we can woo-woo-woo-wine
I don't do yay but if you want to, fine
Your fantasy can get that pitch black
'Cause it's gon' erupt when ya slip in-betwixt that black snatch
Your like blizzak or black cat, ema-nem-minatin'
Where ya mizzat-mustache at (uh, what?)
Huh, I bet you been extra gassed
I bet you wanna touch up on the molasses ass
I bet you really wanna tongue up on the kizzat kit-tay
'Cause the kizzat sh-shaved
You wanna cuddle with your bitch after, eh?
But I gotta dip, I gotta get at the cake
Lot of skrillac to make
And the dick don't fuck up any skrillac for Banks
No issues pickin' money over, haha, ya beige in her
She just wanna see the best in Greece
With some gentlemen and check these beats in the sun
He just wanna see the wet-wet weave
When I'm swimmin' in the West Indies then I sit up and catch this breeze
Sip a little rum and Ting (and Ting, and Ting, and Ting)

These bitches know that I be on that black girl shit
The black girl pin-up with that black girl dip
With that black girl spin up on ya wack girl tip
Ain't official 'til I been up in that black girl kit
Pick out ya mans and attack real quick
I'm a hit 'em with that venom and that rap girl hip
I flip out the denims know that black girl fit
Get that Remy in a did and hit that black girl switch
Bitches better tan for the summer
And for the haters
Quit that chit-chat and get your paper
Quote the cinnamon and cherry-melange bitch verbatim
When I speak about your face in the clams with the flavors
You get that? And stimulate her
Take a lick up on my genital and sit to savor
Do ya mans and his licorice interest a favor

I could be the right girl
Tell me if you like your
Lady in my, my color
Can I be your type? Yeah
I could set you right, whoa
How are you tonight, sir?
I'm living my life, oh
Hope you feel alright, yeah

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Liquorice Lyrics as written by Matthew Cutler Azealia Banks

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Liquorice song meanings
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    Song Meaning

    This song is about black girl power and interracial relationships. It's praising black women and their beauty.

    Madeyahipstiron May 02, 2012   Link

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