I know you've been hurt by someone else
I can tell by the way you carry yourself
If you let me, here's what I'll do
I'll take care of you
I've loved and I've lost

I've asked about you and they told me things
But my mind didn't change and I still feel the same
What's a life with no fun? Please, don't be so ashamed
I've had mine, you've had yours, we both know, we know
They won't get you like I will, my only wish is I die real
'Cause that truth hurts and those lies heal
And you can't sleep thinking that he lies still
So you cry still, tears all on the pillowcase
Big girls all get a little taste, ah
Pushing me away so I give her space, ah
Dealing with a heart that I didn't break
I'll be there for you, I will care for you
I keep thinking you just don't know
Tryna run from that, say you done with that
On your face, girl, it just don't show
When you're ready, just say you're ready
When all the baggage just ain't as heavy
And the party's over, just don't forget me
We'll change the pace and we'll just go slow
You won't ever have to worry, you won't ever have to hide
And you've seen all my mistakes, so look me in my eyes

'Cause if you let me, here's what I'll do
I'll take care of you
I've loved and I've lost

It's my birthday, I'll get high if I want to
Can't deny that I want you but I'll lie if I have to
'Cause you don't say you love me
To your friends when they ask you
Even though we both know that you do, you do
One time, been in love one time
You and all your girls in the club one time
All so convinced that you're following your heart
'Cause your mind don't control what it does sometimes
We all have our nights, though, don't be so ashamed
I've had mine, you've had yours, we both know, we know
You hate being alone well you ain't the only one
You hate the fact that you bought the dream
And they sold you one
And you love your friends, but somebody should've told you some'
To save you, instead, they say

Don't tell me, I don't care
If you hurt, I don't tell you
You don't care, it feels true
Don't tell me, I don't care
If you hurt, I don't tell you
You don't care, it feels true

I know you've been hurt by someone else
I can tell by the way you carry yourself
If you let me, here's what I'll do
I'll take care of you
I've loved and I've lost

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"Take Care" as written by Aubrey Drake Graham Brook Benton

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    General CommentThis song is amazing! They've both dated a lot of people, "I've had mine you've had yours we both know." And even though he's found out about things she's done in the past, "I've asked about you, and they told me things, But, my mind didn't change and I still feel the same," he still loves her and doesn't mind because he's had his share of romances as well.

    My favorite part is the intro,
    "I know you've been hurt, By, someone else.
    I can tell by the way, you carry yourself.
    If you let me, here's what I'll do.
    I'll take care of you.
    I've loved and I've lost."

    smallvillefan4on December 02, 2011   Link
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    Memory"it's my birthday, i'll get high if i want to
    can't deny that i want you, but i'll lie if i have to"

    i love this song, but this lyric just about broke my heart.
    illuminati222on April 06, 2012   Link
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    General Commentlove this song! first of all the carribean feel of the beat is so addicting! I can defiantely relate to this song in that I have been through some hard relationships and come off to be very guarded. When I first meet people I'm secretly asking them to give me some time to open up and get toknow the real me because I am so closed off for fear of getting hurt once again. For me this song is saying to people that if you meet someone who is guarded and has a past to give them a chance to show you the real them and you might meet a great person whom you would've never known off first impression. My favorite part is "When you're ready just say you're ready, when all the baggage just aint as heavy, and the parties over, just dont forget me, we'll change the pace and we'll just go slow" Just coming out of a bad realtionship I have been doing a lot of partying and when it comes to meeting guys I'd rather skip all the getting to know each other and just keep things physical because I am so emotionally unavailable now. This song is amazing. Just lets people know to take a second look at someone and not to judge someone for having a past and acting the way they do.
    lissypooon December 27, 2011   Link
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    General Commentthis song.....there is so much meaning in it.i love this song because it really relates to my past. ive been there and back a million times. i have a long history.. and in that history i was raped. so ya, im very insecure of myself. the one guy i actually trusted definitely broke my heart. the worst part is i convinced myself i was in love with him. thats why these are my favorite lyrics ,"youre all so convinced that your following youre heart cause your mind dont control what it does sometimes". but i learn to let go..............FOREVER ND EVER<3
    foreverndeveron March 02, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI just thought you all should know that this is a cover of a remix of the original. The original, I'll Take Care Of You, is by Gil Scott-Heron, and Jamie xx worked with Gil, remixing his entire album, I'm New Here. And Drake and Rihanna used Jamie's remix. The rap, of course, is Drake's. But I just thought I should add this, because a lot of people don't seem to know that.
    DrippingBlueBloodon February 15, 2012   Link
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    General CommentFor me this song is about a guy who realizes he is in love with his best friend who is a lady and he is telling her the way he feels about her and that he loves her so much that the past doesn't matter for either of them, but she has been hurt so bad that she doesnt want to have a relationship with him but he is so in love with her that he will wait till she is.Well thats my opinon any way
    superdunxon March 01, 2012   Link
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    General CommentGreat song, should have more comments!
    acreativealiason December 18, 2011   Link
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    General Comment"Big girls all get a little taste". I think he is referring ton rejection, a lot of get that because of their size. A good song overall though.
    ovanon February 03, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis is a Gil-Scot Heron song, produced by Jamie xx. That's what really makes it a cool one.
    AndWonon February 28, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI deffinitley am in the same boat with you lissypoo .. I've had my heart broken over 15 times so anyone can only imagine what state of mind im in ... it triggers my self esteem and makes me feel like i will never be good enough for anyone .. people make it so hard to trust anyone with your life and your heart .. and you really dont want to open up emotionally because you dont want to take that risk of having your heart broken again so its kind of like nothing effects you emotionally anymore because of how many times you been hurt like your heart is built of stone some people will never understand until they actually lived it but you also got to try to move forward with everything dispite of it all really difficult when you have something like this sitting in the back of your mind and it makes you wanna party all the time .. you deffinitley hit the nail right on the eye with everything you stated. Its nice to know that theres someone out there who can actually relate to the same exact thing I'm going through right now. Same reason why I can really relate to this song.
    mrserickajon January 11, 2012   Link

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