The winter cold came creeping in, casting frost over any skin that I had left exposed. That season all I could think about was the warmth of a distant house and distant friends that I don’t hear from anymore.

Steam chased after my breath. It was getting cold and I was far from home, longing for a familiar touch or an old familiar smile. I haven’t seen yours in a while.

This past summer most days after work I would drive by your old place in a sick, nostalgic daze. Despite the heat I kept my hood up just in case so I could always hide my face, but you were never home anyway.

I’m tired of coming back to no one. Back at home with nothing to do but spend two lengthy days locked in my room. Alone again on the weekends.

It’s got me worn down. It’s got me torn now, between two places, and neither of them home. I need them more now: familiar faces so I feel less alone.

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    My InterpretationPretty clearly a song about not having much of a life outside of M-F work and longing for past friendships and a past life and how the feeling especially hits home on a weekend. Your work life may be fulfilling (though maybe more a distraction from your home life), but the weekend comes, and loneliness sets in and makes you long for a familiar friend to make you feel at home.

    Near the end of the song, I think it nails down the feeling of how you may long for being at work over the weekend since you enjoy being around your coworkers, but you don't feel at home there either. So, basically being torn between working (and the stress) with your friends or home alone without the work stress but no familiar faces.

    Brilliant and honest. Just like a good song should be. I can definitely relate.
    mikejaydon November 17, 2013   Link

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