"Song for No One" as written by Pontus Johan Winnberg, Christian Karlsson and Andrew Wyatt Blakemore....
I met you on the palisades
The sun was spilling kerosene
And I was feeling wide awake
Girl, you can be so obscene
And when you sang a lullaby
A missionary called your name
You disappeared and hopped a flight
For the Serengeti plain

Tell everyone you know
Open up the door
Tell everyone you know
Open up the door

When your love has gone
You carry on
This is her song
This is a song for no one
This is a song for no one

I think I own a photograph
That shows her in the freezing rain
With the Italians on the bank
They know how to entertain
A string of pearls behind your hair
A music box to catch your tears
Now call your mother in L.A.
She hasn't heard your voice in years

Tell everyone you know
Open up the door
Tell everyone you know
Open up the door

When your love has gone
You carry on
This is her song
This a song for no one (x3)

When your love has gone
You carry on
This is her song
This a song for no one

You can jump a ride
But don't ask why
And don't close your eyes

This a song for no one (x3)

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"Song for No One" as written by Christian Karlsson Andrew Wyatt Blakemore

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    My InterpretationThis also is one of my favorite songs out right now, I created an account just to write about it lol, and i hope he gets the recognition he deserves. heres my personal take on this song. i probably took this song to personally and made to many correlations with my own relationships but thats music

    This is a time for the lyricist when everything was at its height between him and his girl, but at the same time this girl could never be the “one” it’s a nostalgic song for me at least, and a song of loss which cant be talked about for the sake of the speaker.

    He met her at the border of the city ( his security?)
    the sun outlined her perfectly in the most beautiful reds and yellows
    When he talks about “ I was feeling wide awake” and “girl you can be so obscene” it seems to me he’s insinuating that they were not only intimate but also demonstrating this in public places aka the palisade. But maybes that’s just me
    Just as she made him feel secure “ sang him a lullaby”
    She vanished without a trace, leaving him for something more exciting than him or even her normal life “for the Serengeti plains” and something that hit her to her core “missionary”
    She couldn’t be happy with what she had
    and maybe she never will be

    Convince everyone you know/meet
    To let you inside “open up the door”
    (even though it wont mean anything to you and you will just leave)

    but when you take your love away
    it’s hard to forget but its hard to care
    I’ll always love you but
    I’ll never talk about it or you
    Because I have to carry on.

    He thinks of a picture
    “a shelter in the freezing rain” I take this to mean being with these men ( the Italians on the banks who know how to entertain) was a temporary respite from the loneliness aka freezing rain she was used to. (even though she could be with him…)
    (made me think of the lyricist writing this as he’s looking at a picture on facebook of her in italy lol)

    “ A string of pearls”, and “ the music box to catch your tears” especially translated to me that she was letting materialistic and superficial actions and items dominate her life.
    He finally asks her to call her mother in l.a. Who she hasn’t talked to in years.
    This line further reinforces my belief this girl has lost her moral center and this is why the lyricist is singing a song for "no one".
    A person who isn’t a person.
    cfweston January 17, 2010   Link

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