i think it was the first time i realized that i can change the world,
or at least change the way you and my sister hit the clock on every tick just to see what happened.
but time's really flown by i guess and it's hard to think of the way it might've been or remember more specifically the words and all the rest of it.
i was down, more than i'll ever be probably.
that isn't what we do with it all together,
like the orange trees in the backyard and it's Easter and i just want it to end.
fucking Phil, he's off on his board somewhere and i'm just sitting here getting more and more lost with everything.
and that was the thing about it, it's not as if a cousin promised something and taken it away.
it was like nobody could share my so-called dreams, which really meant none of it was happening.
and that reach around midnight left with just about that, nothing.
there's not anything particular about it either and i think the whole thing gets vaguer every second,
but i am too and there's nothing wrong with that.
it's even funny when i stop and realize i'm just nineteen,
and how serious can anything be anyway? not very.

Lyrics submitted by sean2046, edited by Cutecarton, sundays89, PliskinHK

Kick the Tragedy song meanings
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    MemoryI'm positive she says "fucking Phil, he's off on his board somewhere..."

    This was a good road trip song for me. I remember staring out the train window up the pacific coast and being reminded of a girl i knew at university who had the same voice as Paula on this song. There's also a cool guitar squeak during the last half to denote the tonal change. I played this back for her later and she told me "it sounds really repetitive and boring.." never spoke to her again.
    Cutecartonon April 18, 2013   Link

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