Freaks on E, that's what we **** man!

Ey yo, 1-2 , 1-2 - Yo, hehe!

This is what I love, and can't stop lovin'.
Get wasted at parties, from 9 till 7 in the morning.
I live for the music, rollin' blunts, feelin' high, gettin' loaded
- or take some pills and go to La La Land.
Spendin' all my money on dope and extreme high price tickets.
But in the end, it's all worth it.
I like to live in my own world. **** regular life! **** the '9-to-5' job!
I'm totally enjoyin' every moment, every hour, every minute.
That's what I do at Fridays and Saturdays. Why should I take life so seriously?
I just want to do, what I like to do! Be far from reality, 'cause I can't stand society!
It's my own world, I just want to hear the music.

I think the whole system ****ing sucks.
everybody's working their ****ing ass up during the week,
getting totally fucking stressed out - So what's wrong, and what's right?
I live for the weekend, I live for hard styles, I live for hardstyle baby!

Come on! Let's go!

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    My OpinionThis completely sums up life in between raves and music festivals. I've seen this in so many of my friends. It's a culture, a small one, but one nonetheless. Not everyone is cut out for the 9-5 weekends off routine. Can't really blame them.
    chaesopon July 08, 2009   Link

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