"Luck In Odd Numbers" as written by Gareth Michael R Liddiard, Michael Charles M Noga, Daniel Francis Luscombe and Fiona Lee Kitchin....
And each chance i get to get close to you
The shadows come and the late afternoon makes
The warmth withdraw like a dive bell sinks
The air turns to octopus ink

I met her at the county fair
My first impressions cleaved in pairs
Hair that tumbled, eyes of steam
All nature seemed in harmony

The times you only feel one way
Are times that you remember most
But then you're wrong 'cause most those times
You really have been feeling both

I met her at the chestnut tree
And all despair abandoned me
Down by the armory we walked
And music was the words she talked

Where does all the good luck lie?
Go one, three, five, seven and nine
Show me where those bright lodes glow
Go deeper in the mountain side

Which way if my luck deserts?
Dig deeper in that rock and dirt
Which way when the good luck dies?
Go over under, side by side

And i
I hear a knock on my door
Someone's waiting outside
Waiting outside, what for?
My ride

And beneath moonless hills Chinese nocturnes
Breathe Cantonese through young Joe Byrne
Horsefly, shanghaied, stay home
And you won't ever be alone they lie

The engineer fortuity
Her tool box full with mercury
Lobs heart attacks from chandeliers
Sends rescuers with frozen beards

And other empty monologues
About mineshafts trimmed like synagogues
Man, she don't hate the ones she kills
But she don't love the mouths she fills

And if it's all supposed to mean something
It's nothing he's interested in
One thing Joe Byrne won't never know
Is you only get what you let go

He pitched his tent down Havilah
So he would never have to travel far
It don't matter Chinese or Afghan
All that he wants grows on dry land

Which way when my good luck dies?
Go one, three, five, seven and nine
Show me where the doomed roam free
With poppy seeds and armored hides

Which way if my luck deserts?
Dig deeper in that frozen dirt
Which way when my good luck dies?
Go over under, side by side

And i hear an engine running
And i see a headlamp shine
And i feel my heart is sinking
And lord
Lord my ride
Lord my ride
Is waiting outside what for?
To be nailed to a door
To be nailed to a door
To be nailed to a door

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    General CommentFrom E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.

    "Luck in odd numbers. A major chord consists of a fundamental or tonic, its major third, and its just fifth. According to the Pythagore’an system, “all nature is a harmony,” man is a full chord; and all beyond is Deity, so that nine represents deity. As the odd numbers are the fundamental notes of nature, the last being deity, it will be easy to see how they came to be considered the great or lucky numbers. In China, odd numbers belong to heaven, and v.v. (See DIAPASON, NUMBER.)“

    “Good luck lies in odd numbers… They say, there is divinity in odd numbers, either in nativity, chance, or death.”—Shakespeare: Merry Wives of Windsor, v. 1.

    “No doubt the odd numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, play a far more important part than the even numbers. One is Deity, three the Trinity, five the chief division (see FIVE), seven is the sacred number, and nine is three times three, the great climacteric.“

    Interesting use of the line "all nature seemed in harmony".
    Dingo16on October 25, 2015   Link

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