Somewhere between prayer and revolution
Between Jesus and Huey P. Newton
That's where you find Jonny 5 shoot shootin'
Water guns at the audience while ya scootin'
Your glutenous max due to the fact that I'm tootin'
On the horn gonna warn you that I'm rootin'
For the other team in the culture wars
So I stab the beast belly while the vulture snores

Yo Joe!
Let it blow with convulsive force
Till walls fall off their false supports
Till Jericho's aircraft carriers alter course
And all brave young Americans are called ashore
Cause we've already lost the war they keep wagin'
Splattering the streets in battles that keep ragin'
Bloodyin' each page of the story that we're studying
Each day the same just the names keep changin'

Saying the same things over again
Repeatin' the same slogans we don't know where we've been
We've been all over the globe on our government's funds
Leavin' man woman and child dead bloody and numb
Saying the same things over again
Repeatin' the same slogans we don't know where we've been
We've been overthrowing leaders with legitimate views
Democratically elected but we didn't approve

How many times can the line divide
How many wars to uphold your pride
Fears uncontrolled just swoll the tide
Of blood in the streets while the people die
I'ma keep on tryin'
Longs as suffering's multiplyin'
And why not
Souls get tossed and left out to rot
My backs broad enough to help left your cross
As long as you help with mine
The process of healing will take some time
To see the pain on your face is the same as mine
Not a game or a race but the stake is high
We maintain our mistakes for the sake of sides
As long as it takes I"ll say it one more time
As long as it takes I'll say it one more time
As long as it takes I'll say it one more time


We need money for health-care and public welfare
Free mumia and Leonard peltier
Human needs not corporate greed
Drop the debt and legalize weed
We say yes to grassroots organization
No to neoliberal globalization
Bring the troops back to the USA
And shut down Guantanamo Bay
The same things over again
My throat's so sore from shoutin' no war for the soldiers again
Lookin' for cloud cover when the explosions begin
Lookin' the crowd over wonder if you where we've been
We've been all over the globe Iran to Nicaragua
Guatamala Angola grenada
Dominican republic Haiti chile
It don't stop and it won't stop unless we keep say


Who let'em overthrow Jacobo Arbenz
Who let'em overthrow Mohammad Mosaddeq
Who let'em assassinate Salvador Allende
I didn't let them but they did it anyway
Who let'em overthrow Kwame Nkrumah
Who let'em overthrow Aristide
Who let'em assassinate Oscar Romero
I didn't let'em but they did indeed!

Don't let them assassinate Hugo Chavez
Don't let them assassinate Evo Morales
Bring back Martin,, Malcolm, Medgar, Hampton, Goodman, Schwerner, Chaney

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Same Thing Lyrics as written by Jamie Laurie Andrew Guerrero

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    General Comment

    Their message might be liberal but it's not pro-democrat or anti-republican and not at all BS. It's a mistake to think this song is about Bush because all of the mentioned overthrown and assassinated leaders were before his time. This song is about America's role in the world throughout history, especially following WWII. Today we blame the obsession with military interventions on the neocon republicans but democrats have done the same things. It was clinton who bombed yugoslavia for nearly 80 days and used the Lewinksy scandal as a distraction. But anyways, this song is about how we talk about freedom and democracy and making the world a better place but we really have no idea of what our government does.

    "Repeatin’ the same slogans we don't know where we've been We've been all over the globe on our government's funds Leavin’ man, woman, and child dead bloody and numb"

    And while we repeat slogans about building democracies and freedom in the world our government is overthrowing and assassinating leaders who won't fall in line with neoliberal economic policies that exploit their citizens.

    "We've been overthrowing leaders with legitimate views Democratically elected but we didn't approve...."

    "Who let ‘em overthrow Jacobo Arbenz Who let ‘em overthrow Mohammad Mosaddeq Who let ‘em assassinate Salvador Allende I didn't let ‘em but they did it anyway Who let ‘em overthrow Kwame Nkrumah Who let ‘em overthrow Aristide Who let ‘em assassinate Oscar Romero I didn't let ‘em but they did indeed"

    In case your thickheaded, 'em = US Here's who these guys are: Jacobo Árbenz (1913 – 1971) was the President of Guatemala from 1951 to 1954, when he was ousted in a coup organized by the CIA, and was replaced by a military junta, plunging the country into chaos and long-lasting political turbulence. (WIKI)

    For the rest here's their countries and dates in power. Look them up to learn more. Mohammed Mosaddeq - Prime Minister of Iran 1951-1953 Salvador Allende - President of Chile, 1970-1973 Kwame Nkrumah - Leader of Ghana, 1952-1966 Aristide - Catholic Priest / President of Haiti 1991, 1994-1996 Oscar Romero - Bishop in El Salvador who spoke out against human rights violations until his assassination in 1980. Keep in mind this song only mentions a fraction of unjust US interventions.

    "Don't let them assassinate Hugo Chavez Don't let them assassinate Evo Morales"

    Hugo Chavez - President of Venezuela Evo Morales - President of Bolivia Both were democratically elected and whose socialist views put them at risk from our government.

    "And bring back Martin, Malcolm, Medgar, Hampton, Schwerner, Goodman, Chaney "

    All were civil rights activists who were murdered, except for Hampton (Juliette Hampton Morgan) who was a white woman who commited suicide after her friends, family and community rejected her for standing up for blacks.

    skolpaddaon August 24, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    This is one of the better songs, in my opinion. Even though Handlebars was reportedly about Bush, this actually kind of sums up what he did wrong, to be honest.

    courtneyobsessionon February 14, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    Great song. I'm suprised I'm the first to comment on it. I'm pretty suprised that this band actually made it to the radio, look at how political all the songs are.

    benfreckle916on June 29, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    DNPinthePP, where exactly is the "liberal B.S." that you claim is so blatant? Because I can't seem to find any. Unless you meant that CIA hits and freeing railroaded and possibly innocent men qualifies.

    StatusQuoExileon July 26, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    I like this song a lot because it is very catchy, but has a deep political meaning that I can relate with. I am tired of the government taking advantage of us and I am tired of the media feeding our minds with bullshit propaganda from both sides. This song voices a strong opinion about the Bush administration and how they've been wasting our time, money, and military on issues that aren't as important as tending to the citizens of this country.

    maximusjones1on August 04, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    DNPinthePP, their songs may be liberal. but its not bullshit or blatant. hm, possibly you're a republican and you don't agree to everything they're saying in the songs?

    goose9689on August 20, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    Aww, such a good song, great lyrics!!! One of the best songs on the album. Tbh I think the lyrics speak for themselves, little interpretation needed!

    But I always thought it wasn't: "I didn't let 'em but they did it anyway" but: "I wrote 'em a letter but they did it anyway" lol I always thought that was quite a pretty good lyric!

    Peace out x

    bj945on December 19, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    If they're so pro-rest-of-the-world, and care so much about Venezuela and Bolivia, and getting our troops out of other nations, then why are they against globalization? I'm a classical liberal, and I'm not going to criticize flobots for much, but the line about globalization shows me that they either are just spouting stuff they don't understand, or are hypocrites that pretend to care about other nations but don't. Globalization and the rise of capitalism and the liberalization of economies in formerly communist or otherwise oppressive regimes have lifted literally millions out of poverty in 3 or 4 decades.

    So, in any case, I can't take these guys seriously. Handlebars sure is catchy, though.

    progothon June 24, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    I enjoyed this song as it reminds me of the political songs of the 60's in a way (I really like Phil Ochs). Issues like this seem to be ignored in mainstream music. With that issue of the liberal b.s. these things actually happened and fact doesnt have a political orientation. Also the issue with legalising weed is that it causes massive social problems with the huge number of people in US prisons (250,000 people on drug offences). In Portugal when they legalised small scale use there was actually a drop in drug use.Also Progoth seems to misunderstand that there are many different types of globalisation (even Karl Marx advocated globalisation as part of the single world communist government). The issue with Chavez and Morales is about whether globalisation will be done fairly to benefit the people of the third world (which so far for the most part it hasnt) or to enrich western businessmen ( which for the most part is has).

    IronWarrioron June 08, 2011   Link
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    General Comment

    This song was good, and I was taking it seriously until "Let's legalize weed!" popped in on the song, and that just ruined it. Everything before and afterhand sounded intelligent, but now I can't respect these guys because of that idiot line.

    KingLingon March 24, 2010   Link

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