"Lethargica" as written by and Fredrik/kidman Thordendal....
The void clenches its determined jaws
A lethargic, careless motion to kill
Monstrous, prodigious, indifferent
Slow and deliberate its torturous skills

Its molars grind and shatter
Onerous, leaden bringers of hurt
Unhurried in its deadly intent
The undoer of all, dense and inert

Its design perfected through aeon's
Pure, immaculate, clean, homicidal god-machine

Calm, precise ambition
Untroubled by the roar of unending screams,
The droning blare of absolute doom
The down-pitched moan of collapsing dreams

Composed, cold, unconditional
Uncompromising till all is death
Extinction, ruin, its malicious cause
Till the last exhalation of human breath

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"Lethargica" as written by Jens Kidman Fredrik Thordendal

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    Song MeaningPeople have speculated that this song is about death, but that seems an unnecessary assessment. The thing in this song is what /causes/ death; how do we arrive at the notion therefore that it is death? Likewise time, monsters, and psychopaths have all been suggested, each one fitting a certain aspect of the song, but never all of it at once.

    And so I've arrived at the notion that the undoer in this song is entropy. It is the "omnicidal" bringer of death and ruin on every scale of existence. It is "pure, immaculate, clean." It's "cold" and its rise is "unconditional". In the way that it is woven into the laws and very fabric of the universe it is god like. In its approach towards universal homogeneity it is the ultimate bringing of ruin, the true "undoer of all." It is "inert."

    Few other possibilities explain the title as clearly. The point of maximum entropy (the end to which all things move in a closed system) is the homogeneous point at which no energy is available for work. Sounds like a lethargic state of things, doesn't it?

    VainApocalypseon August 03, 2009   Link

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