Under the surface
Behind these walls
This is where I'm hiding
Hiding from the world
This armoured vessel
This steel can is my home
And I can't get out
And no one can get in

No more will you see me again
And oh, I'll never see the light of day
And I know I've been under so, under so long
Hanging on to my only hope
When I feel that I just can't cope
I'm looking through my periscope

In a shallow environment I've been taught to live
But I always wondered what was in the deep
Trapped in the indecision of which way to go
Where it's safe and home or where no one has gone

Oh, I don't know why I don't get along
Got too much energy but I still belong
To a world where all my questions are wrong
And they won't ever understand me, so
Hanging on to my only hope
Still looking through my periscope

I have a question I would like to ask
To who's ever listening
To myself
Does everything that you give come back to you
And if nothing's offered you might as well be dead

Oh no, I have a lot more to give
But I don't
Don't know how to let it out
Let it show
Not even to the people I know
So here I go

Here I go
Hanging on to my only hope
I'm looking through my periscope

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