Tried to take it all away
And learn her freedom just inside a day
And find her soul
To find their fears allayed

Tried to make her love their own
They took her love, they left her there
They gave her nothing back
That she would want to own

Gold and silver rings and stones
Dances slowly of the moon
No one else can know
She stands alone

Sleeping dreams will reach for her
She cannot say the words they need
She knows she's alone
And she is free

Ocean gypsy of the moon
The sun has made a thousand nights
For you to hold
Ocean gypsy, where are you?
The shadows followed by the stars
Have turned to gold, turned to gold

Then she met a hollow soul
Filled him with her light
And was consoled she was the moon
And he, the sun was gold

Eyes were blinded with his light
The sun she gave
Reflected back the night
The moon was waning
Almost out of sight

Softly, ocean gypsy calls
Silence holds the stars awhile
They smile sadly
For her where she falls

Just the time before the dawn
The sea is hushed
The ocean calls her
Day has taken her, and now she's gone


No one noticed when she died
Ocean gypsy shackled to the tide
The ebbing waves were turning
Spreading wide

Something gone within her eyes
Her fingers lifeless stroke the sand
Her battered soul was lost
She was abandoned

Silken threads like wings still shine
Winds take pleasure, still make patterns
In her lovely hair
So dark and fine

Stands on high beneath the seas
Cries no more
Her tears have dried
Oceans weep for her, the ocean gypsy

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Ocean Gypsy song meanings
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    My Interpretation

    To me, this song tells the tale of someone who gives so much of her self to another that her own essence is eventually lost.

    The story starts by describing previous relationships in which her partners seem to have been abusive and coercive, and/or tried to win her love with material things. She feels no deep connection to any of these people, and her relationship with each of them fails.

    She does, however, meet someone at last that she feels is worthy of her love and devotion. Without realizing it, she comes to exist only for and through this person-- blind to his flaws, and so completely and unquestioningly committed to helping him "shine" that she loses all sense of her own identity.. her value as an individual. And so, when this person ends up leaving her, she is merely an empty husk with no purpose; no energy left to sustain her.

    Incidentally, it reminds me a bit of poet Shel Silverstein's story of The Giving Tree. So very, very sad...

    Waffles McCoyon May 24, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    this is one of my favourites! a bit like 'shadow of the moon', but more sad.. maybe because it is shure the 'gypsy' is dying.

    she has been left by her love, by everybody actually, she gave them everything she had. opened herself 100% to them and they gave her materalistic stuff she did not wish. and left by her love. the one she turned to 'the sun'. I especially like the chorus: the sun has made a thousend nights, for you to hold. she is doomed to be in the dark/night forever.

    a least yhis is how I see it, not shure at all. what du you think?

    cherry-blossomon April 02, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    This is a very good song.

    2006200720082009on April 23, 2007   Link
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    My Interpretation

    This has so many beautiful visual images in it. You really get to go a journey of imagination. One interpretation that comes to me as I hear it, is what if it's simply a story about the love affair between the Sun and the Moon. Odd but I sort of like it. Imagine if they aren't just metaphors, try to listen to it literally. Just the time before the Dawn, the Sea is hushed, the Ocean calls her, Day (the Sun) has taken her. As the night ends the Ocean, another suitor, tries to get her to come to safety with him rather die under the bright light of her lover, the Sun.
    No one noticed when she died - like when the light of every new day from the sun drowns out the light of the moon and no one notices. She never shines in his presence. Ocean Gypsy shackled to the tide - think how from her perspective she, the Moon, is shackled to the Tide. Yet from ours the Tide is what is shackled to the Moon. Stands on high beneath the seas - her reflection in the water makes it appear as if she is beneath the seas. And of course how she gives all of herself to let her true love, the Sun, shine to his truest glory - and that by giving all of herself she wanes out of sight. So, for her love, she gives all of herself. Could this be the saddest love story of all? That of the Sun and the Moon. A story that has been repeated every night since the beginning of Time. No matter how you interpret it, it's still a beautiful song - and perfectly performed..

    cqwarneron October 04, 2018   Link

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