Sal was working at Nyro's nook in downtown
Selling articles of congress to these people downtown
He was pretty sleezy when I met him
A weasel in a poor boy's wool

Sal lives in a black vinyl pen in New Jersey
Buys his meat from a whore next door
Wants it rare but he gets it well
A weasel on a short order floor

So, Sal, say good-bye to your mom and your dad
Sal, say good-bye to the barrio
Sal, say good-bye to your buddies and your pals
Angela, Perry and Mario

Kid Sinister with the Bus Stop Blues
A quarter could take you home
A dime could make a dream come true
But a weasel ain't got a dime for the phone
( Does a weasel got a dime for the phone ? )

So, Sal, say good-bye to your mom and your dad
Sal, say good-bye to the barrio
Sal, say good-bye to your buddies and your pals
Angela, Perry and Mario

You dancin' in the welfare lines, Sal
Actin' like some jerk-off fool
When we could lay out eatin' peaches on the beaches
A weasel in a white boy's cool
But we're all in a white boy's school
( Just like a weasel )

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Weasel and the White Boys Cool Lyrics as written by ALFRED WAYNE JOHNSON, RICKIE LEE JONES

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Reservoir Media Management, Inc., Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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Weasel and the White Boys Cool song meanings
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