Five day forecasts bring black tar rains and hellfire
While handpicked handler's kid gloves tear at the inseams
Their Halliburton attaché cases are useless
While scotch guard Macintoshes shall be carbonized
Now they're offering views of exiting empires
Such breathtaking views of Scythian empires

Scythian empires, horsemen of the Russia steppes
Scythian empires, archers of an afterthought
Routed by Sarmations, thwarted by the Thracians
Scythian empire

(Whistle solo)

Scythian empires, exiting empires
Scythian empires, exiting empires
Routed by Sarmations, thwarted by the Thracians
Scythian empire
Kings of Macedonia, Scythian empire

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Scythian Empires Lyrics as written by Andrew Wegman Bird

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    General CommentFirst, this guy is extremely talented MUSICIAN. Competent on a variety of instruments, inventive composer, sweet whistling, charming voice, etc, etc. Undoubtedly after a quick perusal of the lyric sheet he's well educated too.

    What I take issue with is the fact that most of his songs seem to share an arrogant, elitist, urbane sensibility carefully designed to cater to his audience, without ever having the balls to come out and make his political statement. He not-so-artfully regurgitates a laundry list of historical references, exalting the current generation of the people of the Middle East by hamfistedly trying to connect them to a class of nomads last heard from over 1000 years ago. Thereby, Messr. Bird can sit back and say "ah, how clever am I" while his "This American Life" fanbase can scurry to the internet to decipher his ridiculous attempt at artistic statement....

    Let's see, war waged by pathetic Neo-Cons against a noble people. Neo-cons are complete assholes...that about sums it up.

    Not to come off like Bill O'Reilly. There's no denying that current events offer any artist a ripe area for creative statement. The message of this song doesn't offend me personally or politically, but it does offend me as a fan of songwriting. I don't even like most punk, but at least the political songs are direct and convey the requisite urgency necessary to make music relevant in a political sense. Bird's songs are just blase, jerk-sessions, designed to cater to the urban college students/grads who lap up all the "Bush lied people died" sub-intelligence and then go out and buy iphones and order $10 drinks at whatever bar/club/lounge is trendy in their neighborhood.

    Seriously, I understand if you like Andrew Bird but re-read these lyrics and I dare you to make an argument that the message doesn't come off slightly arrogant and assholish.
    supposablethumbson December 27, 2007   Link

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