Ah, the sun is born of night, it sets again
Though no one's here to see - it's endless

Sad, but everybody knows
A trip to heaven's not really on the cards, no
Yet my "moment" has come
A crying shame, for now my life is over

So perfect, this moment so perfect, this moment
I'm happy to die in this moment

Ah, the sun is born of night, it sets again
Though no one's here to see, it's endless

So perfect, this moment so perfect, this moment
I'm happy to die in this moment

I've been to heaven heaven on earth

Ah, the sun is born of night
Ah, the sun is born of night it's endless

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Perfect Moment Lyrics as written by Hyde

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    General Comment

    I think its about him dying but he's happy even though hes dying. Hes saying the moment is perfect

    'Sad, but everybody knows. A trip to heaven’s not really on the cards, no'

    That could mean several things, it could be a fear that someone is not going to heaven or perhaps not a fear but a sad feeling. It could mean several things, just depends on what someone thinks who hears it.

    lovelyangeldemon1on January 12, 2008   Link
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    i love this song, it's something about him dying but he doenst care...he loves how its happening or something....ive tried to find the deeper meaning but have had trouble

    Shadowstaron January 21, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    "Ah, the sun is born of night" I'd say he's talking about the sunrise here, which is the beginning of a new day. Maybe it's a beginning? As in being born?

    "It sets again" My guess it's a sunset, which is the end of the day. So maybe that'd be the end, death?

    "Ah, the sun is born of night, it sets again Though no one's here to see - it's endless" The cycle of life and death, and since everyone dies someday there's no one who can watch it all for eternity.

    "Sad, but everybody knows A trip to heaven’s not really on the cards, no" He won't go to heaven, and he knows it.

    "Yet my "moment" has come A crying shame, for now my life is over" He doesn't want to die yet, so for some reason he is dying against his will. A disease or something like that maybe?

    "So perfect, this moment So perfect, this moment I’m happy to die in this moment" However, now is the time for him to die. Now it's okay to die, maybe he even wants it.

    "I’ve been to Heaven Heaven on Earth" He got his trip to heaven anyway? Maybe it's this "Heaven on Earth" he found that gave him what he wanted/needed to be able to be at peace with dying and becoming a part of the eternal cycle.

    Reddishon January 23, 2008   Link
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    So pretty, Hyde has a wonderful voice. I like his english. ^^

    ParfaitParrot17on October 08, 2009   Link

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