When you see your breath
In the frozen night.
When your hope is on the guard
There's a running threat.
There's a new design
When the poison fills your heart.

Broken from the shattered hopes
And breathless from the stare.
Standing in this lonely room
I can see you there.

Lights from the waters
Have swept me away
So say your goodbye's now
This will say.
Drink from the water.
It swept me away.
So say your goodbye's now.
This will say.

Let the tidal pull
And the neon lights.
Let it spill across this place.
Like a deepened hole
From your glossy eyes.
There's a flame that marks the race.

Can you hear? Whispering this time?
Dream the fear.
Are you listening?

(Psalm 103:3)

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"Fearless" as written by Terry Thomas Brian Howe

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Fearless (250 and Dark Stars) song meanings
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    General CommentOkay so as someone who has gone through depression i think i have a pretty good grasp on what this song means.Agree or Disagree...this is just what it means to me.

    Empty house far away
    Lost in lonely space
    You know you've felt the same

    (This means you feel basically
    empty and lost and alone and
    its saying "you know you've felt the same")

    From the shallows in love
    To the depths of your scars
    You know you want to change

    (This means that like all the pain
    that love puts you through...its like the
    shallows of your life and to the depths of your scars
    probably means the scars from cutting your wrist
    and basically that the person wants to change their emo ways)

    In the rafters, a vate
    Fixed and spinning late
    There's a certain fear

    (not exactly sure what this means.heh.)

    Even light with control
    Lights outside our homes
    Wait for every tear

    (This means that basically you feel like
    everyone is watching you and judging you all the time
    and everyone is just waiting for you to break)

    So exit the fall
    And now it's over
    You're learning
    It's all before your heart

    (This means that you should step
    out of that state of mind and that everything
    will be okay)

    (the girls part is just really gay to me,sorry)

    Steady hands in the planes
    Calculated ways
    To call it ailing in figure
    Hearts far away
    When you work so late
    From a distant end

    (I think this means that
    people are just waiting to
    judge you and to say that
    you are weak and in pain
    even when you work so hard
    to keep your feelings under control)

    karissayeahhon March 05, 2009   Link

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