From beneath the bedroom floor
It is hunting me
Silence clicking off the door
And it sucks me in

Was I right to overstep the border
that leads me to this place?
Was I right to ignoring all the warning signs
Accepting to fall from grace?

Am I suffocating right?
Is there anybody watching?
Is there anything inside
That might keep me here

Am I suffocating right?
Is there anybody listening?
Is there anything inside
that can stop me here?

From behind the bedroom door
it is calling me
A silence never felt before
and I am still crying

Was I right to overstep the thin line
that keeps me from this place?
Was I right to rejecting all the spoken words
ignoring to fall from grace?

Am I suffocating right?
Is there anybody watching?
Is there anything inside
that might keep me here

Am I suffocating right?
Is there anybody listening?
Is there anything inside
that can stop me here

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Suffocating Right song meanings
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    General Comment

    I can't believe no one has commited this song...

    I believe its about him trying to find a reason to stay but he can't find it, and every where he looks he feels himself staying. After awhile he thinks that place is bad so he questions himself and is wondering if anyone is watching him leave. He wants to stay ,but he doesn't know if he can. Its constantly calling him a haunting him. At the end he leaves because the force sucks him in. Awesome song I love it kick ass piano.

    Anseamon January 22, 2009   Link
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    Lyric Correction

    "A silence never felt before and I am still crying"

    I can clearly hear: "And I'm stuck right in"

    "Was I right to rejecting all the spoken words ignoring to fall from grace?"

    No "to" heard, plus it's againt grammar to place "to" here, so I go for: "Was I right rejecting all the spoken words ignoring to fall from grace?"

    Also, the refrain before the last one contains "Is there anything outside" rather than "inside"

    B1ackD0gon June 07, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    I believe it's about feeling unsure about yourself. Feeling neglected or depressed. The way itissung, the singer sounds like he has lost hope for himself and just wants to quit his life. He's always wondering if he's "suffocating right" whether this means how he is killing himself or how've feels about himself is unclear. He feels he is bound to this place and can't leave but still questions whether or not he is strong enough to try..

    I love this song. The music, the beat and the singing is all amazing. It's great to listen to when your spaced out or depressed

    SilverMassacreon October 02, 2009   Link
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    General Comment


    Frankccapoteon July 23, 2021   Link

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