If I just think about it, I'm always wasting time
Applying cream to this.
It never stops the itching, the burning cracking skin
And I have had enough of it

We are the most challenged of friends
Taking what we need to live
But I will fall with one more pull or pluck of this

Pray for the time, I've got my mind, set, pay for the seats
I've got to see the way we pull through

We are the most shallow of friends
Taking what we want to live
But I will fall with one more pull or pluck of this

Anybody got a second wind for a tired man with a broken gift
Anybody got a second chance for a man giving up on it

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The Car in 20 Lyrics as written by Jeffrey Matthew Kummer Arthur Carl Enders


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    General Commentsince no one else has answered, i guess i'll add in my 2 cents.

    i think it's about realizing the faults of yourself and the people you hang around, and knowing how to fix them, and knowing you should, but not really being able to.

    but the last two lines completely throw me off.
    ellie117on November 26, 2006   Link
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    General Commentim thinking that maybe its about a girl. they are having problems and he is always trying to fix them but like it says "I'm always wasting time applying cream to this. It never stops the itching, the burning cracking skin" meaning that it doesnt matter what he does because it doesnt work.
    "We are the most shallow of friends, Taking what we want to live" makes me think maybe they are just boner buddies.

    as for the last lines. i think that he is trying to say that it is finally over and he is looking for somebody else.

    thats all i got.
    Ninjuraion December 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI feel this song is about a couple about to break up, in the song he is already calling them "friends".

    In the first verse he tries to fix the problem but it never works.

    Over the next two choruses he uses want and need very effectively. He links need to shallow, and want to challenged. He can deal with them taking what they "need" to live from each other, but when he realizes that they take from each other for what they "want" he really contemplates ending it.

    He knows they'll pull through, he's so confident he says buy some tickets to the show because we will pull through.

    Turns out they don't pull through and all he has left to offer is a broken heart to the next girl.
    Jla130pon March 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI also think the name of the song relates to how he is about to leave. as in, he's going to the car in 20 minutes to leave where he is at, ie. the relationship
    Jla130pon March 28, 2007   Link

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