"Till The Sun Turns Black" as written by and Ray Lamontagne Ethan Johns....
10. Till the sun turns black

can you see the young and pretty
Confident as cops
Blooming laughing in the shops
Till the sun turns black
Can you see the old and lonely
Walking through the park
Pushing grocery carts
Till the sun turns black
Can you see the corporate man
He's winning on the telephone
His possessions are his throne
Till the sun turns black
Can you see him in his lounger
Watching tv in the dark
Waiting for the spark
Till the sun turns black
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooo ooh wee ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooo ooh wee who are --
Can you see the working classes
Trudging through their days
Time goes slowly when you're only waiting
Till the sun turns black
Can you see the wise man simply
Living loving quietly
Every breath he takes eternity
Till the sun turns black

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"Till the Sun Turns Black" as written by Ray Lamontagne Ethan Johns

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    General CommentWow I'm surprised only 2 people have commented on this song. It's my second favorite on the album next to Empty. I've listened to it so many times and I could be wrong but the song touches me so I'll try articulating my thoughts as best as I can.

    He's describing people everywhere, asking us to see them and understand them. Using the 3rd person omniscent he can tell us about all people with a kind of distance.

    There are the young and blissfully ignorant, the old and lonely going through the motions of life, the corporate man who's alone and waiting for the happiness he wishes would come, the working class hoping for time to pass quickly and therefore they are not really living in the present, and then finally the wise man "living loving quietly, every breath he takes eternity" (probably one of my favorite Ray Lamontagne lyrics.)

    The message is dark but not morose. All of these people are going through life with so much pain and loneliness. The young are mentioned first because they begin with carefree "laugh[ter]" but I think they are mentioned first to show that they will grow to take on the inevitable pain of adulthood.

    All of this is happening "til the sun turns black." Meaning every generation feels this sadness and loneliness and always will until the end of time. By talking about the sun turning black I think he's saying that there will be an end to civilization but more importantly there will be an end to everyone's life and all we can hope to do is live like the wise man, who just loves "quietly" (without drawing attention to themselves for selfish unimportant reasons.) Taking each breath and cherishing each breath. I don't think 2 lines in a song have ever moved me so much.

    I'd also just like to add that the images he uses are perfect. So succinct and evokative. the "pushing grocery carts" "watching TV in the dark" and "trudging through their days." And the last thing I'd like to say is that when he sings the "oh" part there's so much passion, it's so moving. I really love Ray Lamontagne's music. It makes me feel raw which I love
    AMA173213on December 26, 2008   Link

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